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  1. Thought i would try for couple of days and then go back to ROOTBOX, Amazing ROM H3ROS nice to have camera flash again and loving the speed think i am going to keep for now. Great work and the best gingerbread ROM i ever try makes my skate feel like a new phone. Thanks for all your hard work, @everybody - you got to give this one a try :P :P :P
  2. Look's very interesting been on rootbox from C3CO for last 6 months and very happy with it but i am going to give this a go Thanks H3ROS for all the hard work you must have done will post again in few days after testing :D :D
  3. Have to agree mate, my skate is 18 months old and phones have really moved on. I thought about an import but for now am going to buy second hand. I also was going for a G300 but went with skate for its bigger screen and am very happy i did
  4. Hello good to see many people still on the skate thread, I upgrading soon and have chosen to buy second hand S2 or if i have enough the N4. Would just like to thank everybody who has helped me on the voyage from ( orange uk to rootbox 4 ) My skate is still running good as it ever did but have noticed battery not holding charge as long ( skate 2 years old ) I had not much idea when buying skate but think everybody who bought one as there first Andriod phone like me got the right one thanks to the great community here. Thanks to everyone - there are to many to mention but we all know who has done at lot of hard work for our benefit could not finish with out special thanks to plegdriod and omegavesko who have explained many things to me and helped me now give advise to my friends. THANKS MoDaCo -
  5. great to see someone giving us something new for our trusty skate :) :) looks interesting and downloading tonight Thanks
  6. Thanks there's always a better device coming soon and skate is still relevant thanks to you and other devs giving it JB. It's definitely going on my list
  7. Thanks for providing the update even now you don't own skate anymore. I am thinking maybe new phone soon, do you like your new device and would recommend one?
  8. Ye this been great community, Big thanks to C3CO have big love for the journey from GB-ICS-JB on my skate. Also thanks to everyone who posted and helped me and others out and made it possible to have come this far.
  9. RootBox working fine here, Just asking did you update or clean install? I had aliens after earlier update of RB but after full wipes and fresh install no more problems
  10. The one I read about is called "Wakelock Detector" and can be found over at xda,
  11. I haven't noticed any worse battery performance with RootBox. Have read it maybe due wakelock not letting phone enter deep sleep mode. There are app's which will tell you if that's the problem
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