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  1. how can I help you for E versoin? what testing do you need?
  2. @ Antiseptic here is tpt http://www.mediafire.com/download/8w9dtq37s76s5eo/Vivacity_250_40_150_clockworkmod_5.0.2.7-TPT.zip link2 sd wirks fine. @gbosh stock partition with 200mb is not enough so I have to trim this rom.
  3. ok, will try later.do you recomend a2sd or link2sd or something else? thanks.
  4. Gbosh are you planning to build SlimKat rom? Yesterday I install TPT (250/150/?) and CM11. after few apps installed my phone runs out of memory. I think slimkat is our best chance, or triminng CM11.
  5. It is impossible to fit this rom without tpt :(
  6. what is partition size for this rom. Thank you .
  7. @dodgetimmy Yes, my phone is compatibile with this rom.from first post: I have the same issues like you, with obtaining ip address and with super su. furthermore everything work fine.
  8. First I do factory data reset in settings. After that in cwm I wipe cache partition, factory settings and dalwik cache. do you have more sugestions. Thank you for effort.
  9. @Typhus I tried with hard reset and flashing vivacity kernel after fresh install but problem stil persist. revert to stock also does not help.
  10. You could try with trimed gapps http://www.mediafire.com/download/vti8xb50wb2awh5/lite-gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip thanks to Dovahpig.
  11. none of above recoveries solutions dont work. I flashed those files and in both I get no cwm and no ftm.
  12. I can't find options for proximity sensor calibration and settings for brightnes levels. Any solution? Thanks.
  13. @gbosh thanks! yes 160 mb is enough.Rom is wery smoth and fast, no random reboots. wifi tethering works with "wifi tether for root users". only proximity sensor need calibration... if is possible.?
  14. Do I need TPT for this rom? If yes please give me a link for tpt. Thanks

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