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  1. Use CWM v6.0.4.0; i did update it before i installed SlimBean and before that, i was using v5.* and Stock+ worked without issue so perhaps that has something to do with it (although i can't see anyone having problems with Stock+ and CWM 6). Either way, i managed to get back to ICS, backup my data and i've stuck SlimBeam back on the device for time being (there's a few bugs and annoyances unfortunately). But i've finally got my bootload unlock code, so when time allows i'll run through the guide by dalyer and see if i can get back to Stock+. Similarly i might try out TWRP if i still have issues. Much appreciated for the help though guys!
  2. Hi all, Decided to flash the SlimBean JB ROM but wanted to switch back to Stock+; as to my other thread, Stock+ doesn't want to install correctly. I can install other ICS ROM's without issue just not Stock+. Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks :)
  3. So it appears my phone now doesn't like Stock+ ROM's. I've installed ICS Infusion B944 and ICS Tesla ROM B960 without issue, so i'm completely stumped. I'm wondering if installing an official B952 stock ROM will sort it? Has anyone got a link to it as the one on this guide 404's?
  4. Right, thought i'd try a different ROM and had 'Infusion-B944-G300-B06-FINAL' to hand - installed without any problems :blink: I'm well and truly confused to why Stock+ wouldn't install, perhaps it'll install now Infusion has gone on there. Much appreciated for the help though :) Edit - Nope, still doesn't like Stock+ R06 B960. Now trying an older version, 'StockPlus-B7-111112' (B944 i believe, same as Infusion).....
  5. Yup, it's my usual method as well and i've never had issue doing this in the past with ICS ROM's but it doesn't want to know this time around :( Edit - I usually do all the 'wipes' prior to installing the ROM from the sdcard, and it's worked in the past but is that correct way of doing? Or should i be doing it after installing the ROM from sdcard, as stated in the 'I want to install the official Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update' guide?
  6. Hi All, Recently installed SlimBean ROM (build v8.0) which installed without issue, but i never realised Huawei's AllBackup app is only compatible with stock ROM's so wanted to revert back to Stock+ R06 (mainly so can restore some of the data, take a backup using GoBackup/Titanium Backup and install SlimBean again). Issue is, the phone now hangs at the Stock+ boot animation during the initial startup after installing and it doesn't progress any further, even after leaving the phone an hour or so. However, SlimBean will happily install again after doing a 'Wipe data/factory reset' within CWM (using v6.0.4.0). Unfortunately i haven't got a nandroid backup from the previous Stock+ install (my fault but didn't think i'd have issue going between ICS and JB), only a nandroid backup from the original Vodafone Gingerbread install that came with the phone. Has anyone got any pointers that'll allow me to get back to Stock+ (or another stock ICS ROM)? Cheers for any help :) Edit - Just to add, i've tried following the 'How to unbrick the G300' guide to no avail but CWM did throw a 'missing root' error during a reboot of recovery; is this because the phone has unrooted itself at some point? And would this stop Stock+ installing?
  7. So there's quite a performance decrease with SlimBean/JB ROMS then?
  8. I'm currently running Stock+ without issue (apart from the odd reboot once every other month but i'm guessing that's down the unofficial boot unlock i used) but i've got that itch to stick another ROM on and SlimBean appears, from having a quick read, to be the best of the 4.2.2 ROMs. So, has anyone had issues running SlimBean as a 'daily'? And is there much of a performance difference between 4.0.3 and 4.2.2?
  9. Decided to move back to Stock+ and although majority of it is working i'm having issues with Dropbox and the Gallery app - both are complaining about being unable to write to the SD card (internal storage is the default) and what i'm after, specifically the Gallery app shows the error 'SD Card unmounted or not present'. Any ideas how i can fix this? Apart from that, good ROM as always :D Edit - I assuming it's to do with Link2SD?
  10. I imagine it'll be a similar deal as the G300 on Vodafone ie: free on contract, £100 on PAYG etc.
  11. GsmArena show it as having a secondary (http://www.gsmarena.com/huawei_ascend_g330-4966.php); doesn't state the resolution though.
  12. Seems there isn't a huge amount of difference apart from processor and GPU (and apparently being 10g lighter); will the dual-core make a huge amount of difference?
  13. That's what I assumed but I keep getting the 'application not installed' error when attempting to install it (this is on Stock+). The site does seem to mention copying the apk to 'system/apps' though. tracasan - will have a look, cheers.
  14. Sorry to drag the thread up but has anyone managed to get Google Ears working on ICS?
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