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  1. Immortal7

    interest in spare parts?

    Screen on mine is ok, very small scratch that's only visible when screen off. But the is a rainbow coloured scratch on the top right corner that is noticeable but not awful
  2. Immortal7

    interest in spare parts?

    I'm considering it....I will likely start dismantling it next month, if it's easy enough and I can at least break even I may buy a few in and sell for parts. I appreciate demand wont be very high so will probably only do 2. Like I say it all depends on demand
  3. Immortal7

    interest in spare parts?

    Power button works but has sunken into the frame a little. I reckon I can fix it though
  4. Immortal7

    interest in spare parts?

    I'm just evaluating interest at the moment Ricky, rough guess would see parts costing 5-15 pounds
  5. Immortal7

    interest in spare parts?

    I'm a electronics engineer.....I'll get it in plenty of pieces lol Back cover is ok, but the orange logo is scratched off leaving a rough square patch.
  6. Immortal7

    interest in spare parts?

    Hi, I am considering breaking my San Diego for parts, but before doing so I'm trying to judge demand for spares. I'm not advertising yet I'm just trying to see what interest there is. If you are interested please say what part you would like. Again I'm not selling yet, but if there is suitable demand I will advertise as per the forum rules. All parts are in good working order.
  7. Immortal7

    need help finding ROM for tablet

    Right, it's a softwinnerEvb running Android 4.0.4 base band 1.5 Kernel version 3.0.8+ [email protected] #38 Build number Nuclear_evb-eng 4.0.4 imm76d 20121019 test-keys
  8. Immortal7

    need help finding ROM for tablet

    Yeah that would help, my bad :-( I will get the specs up soon, it's charging at the moment
  9. Hi all, I brought a cheap Ebay Tablet and have to say it's great! It also comes pre rooted... It runs ics as standard but I want to get it running jelly bean. How would I do that? It's a all winner tablet
  10. Immortal7

    screen Bezel cracking?

    I now have another crack on the other side near the hdmi out despite not dropping my phone. I'm not very happy about this, especially as spare parts are unavailable. I have considered approaching xolo regarding spares, do you think it's worth a shot?
  11. Immortal7

    screen Bezel cracking?

    Build quality seems hit and miss on this phone... In regards to spare parts, didn't a couple of people on this forum brick there phones? Wonder if they are for sale?
  12. Immortal7

    screen Bezel cracking?

    It's a weird one, doesn't feel loose or anything just has 2 tiny cracks. Can we get spare parts for this phone? I want a new back cover as I scratched the orange logo off and took a chunk out the cover while I was doing it :-\
  13. Immortal7

    screen Bezel cracking?

    Has anyone else suffered this? I have 2 hairline cracks on the Bezel around my screen, just above the silver strip above the volume keys and Sim port. Highly annoying
  14. Immortal7

    [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    You are the man! If this works then I officially love you lol
  15. Immortal7

    How To root your San Diego

    Will any permissions managers work on this phone? Apart from that I don't know what other benefits there are to root

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