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  1. caller id lag is an issue on all roms (maybe not cm9 ). it's totally random as to when, why, or how long the lag is. it is not caused by the rom, despite efforts by the devs to try and remedy it. if you even bother to look through the last 10 pages or so you will see it being said time and time again. I don't get the caller id lag, but that's probably due to the fact that I've been given a galaxy s2, but I'm still floating round here while I'm trying to get a theme app developed.
  2. I got no problem whatsoever with video playback, from playing on YouTube app, downloaded clips, or streaming. I did make some changes, i.e. unticking things but can't remember exactly what, probably wouldn't be too difficult for other people to experiment though. from what I've been reading HWA can actually decrease performance and reduce battery life, I think this was with respect to older phones though and maybe not relevant to the g300
  3. The reason for a full wipe is it ensures everything has been replaced. if you don't do a full wipe some files that may have been causing issues may not be replaced, then the dev i.e. tillaz and/or people trying to help you are then dealing with faults that are nothing to do with the "new" rom. search Google for why you need to do a full wipe when flashing a new rom, it will be much more accurate and detailed than the quick explination I gave.
  4. hunting, its at ./system, takes all of 2 seconds to find. you can click on it to edit no need to add an extra app and It makes a backup anyway.
  5. you don't need build.prop editor, you can just edit it when you find it.
  6. just changed mine for chuckle to windowsmgr.max_events-per-sec=10 hardly noticed a difference, opera mini scrolls a bit jittery, don't play games so not sure how it would effect that.
  7. neither, free RAM is wasted RAM. Android, like Mac OS and Ubuntu, wants to use all the RAM it can, because that's how it was designed to work. There are settings (in Android we call them "minfree" settings) to tell the system how much RAM to leave free and available, but the rest is designed to fill up as fast as possible and stay that way.
  8. On the first page click MISCELLANEOUS ADD-ON'S Spoiler SHOW REMOVE VOLUME WAKE LOCK There is a flashable thing to disable it.
  9. Probably. I always flash a rom, then let it fully set up. Reboot to make sure it's fine. Reboot to apply flashable things e.g. theme, kernel etc. I also only flash one thing at a time to make sure everything works, then flash the next thing. it takes longer but you can confirm each flash works before you move onto the next, and actually saves time in the long run if you encounter problems. I also do a nandroid backup before each flash, a bit excessive but it guarantees I've got a working rom just in case it goes tits up.
  10. not entirely correct but enough to illustrate a launcher is kind of like what happens with windows START button, it shows you what you have got installed. I think the icon is a circle with dots on it at the bottom of your phone screen. the things at the bottom of the screen is called the DOCK the screen that opens when you use the launcher is called the draw. all the free launchers are customisable to someone degree or other. to be honest I don't really see a great deal of difference in them, some have features the others don't, and personally don't see the need to buy one for the extra features unless you want to support the developers. Google "best Android launchers" and have a look for something that rates them against each other, try them all until you find one you like. my top 3 are (in no particular order ) ADW launcher, NOVA launcher and APEX launcher. I use all 3 and swap and change them just to give my phone a different look and feel. you can also drag icons onto each other on the home screen to create folders.
  11. I'm still on b02 because I've had a warning about suspicious activity on my phone that looks like tethering, but will definitely be interested in it when I upgrade or borrow someone's Wi-Fi, a trip to McDonalds tomorrow I think to use their free access.
  12. if Eclipse studio was a dog I would have beat it to death for not doing what I want it too. On the plus side I've managed to change the power toggles just from using a terminal emulator on the phone. From one of the many video tutorials I've watched it's possible to put a bash script thing into an Eclipse app project so I think pushing buttons on an app should fire the commands I've manually had to enter on the terminal. can I heck as like get my head round making an app, the tutorials I've seen start simple with a hello world on the screen, then the next lesson it's got you hacking the space shuttle and making it do loop the loops. over all I think my stand alone app is coming along nicely, if I can just work out how to get a button to do something a pre beta version of a beta version might be out soon. sorry for the non technical Android speak as Im still learning what the thingies and what do you call it should really be referenced as.
  13. Thanks, I've been manually pushing different icons all over my rom to see exactly where icons are i.e. what apk they live in. I've got the app written out in English on paper, and kind of flow charted, and know exactly what needs to be done, I'm trying to translate the English into Android and java, both of which I know very little about, but learning more as I go. I'm using Eclipse to make the app but it's fighting back every step of the way. at the minute I'm just working on changing the power toggle icons so people change them, I've made three different colour packs. don't expect anything soon as I keep getting information overload and need to kill things on the Xbox. eventually you will be able to change entire icon sets, but until I can get it to change the power toggles that's a long way off. thanks for the support.
  14. no problem, it's a relatively easy thing but I think this is what it involved. unpack rom find code and add a line repack rom zip align- I think or something along those lines. much quicker to pop the back off and remove sum.
  15. there is a way, can't remember exactly but it involves you editing certain section of code before you flash the rom. the easiest method would be for you to remove your sim before you flash and reboot your rom.
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