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  1. Yeah, I've already used a battery calibration app but it didn't do anything, I'll try a fresh install of the xolo rom and see if that helps
  2. Whenever it happens, when I put it in to charge when it comes on it will say however much charge it had before it turned off e.g. 26% so the phone knows its not at 0%, the battery hasn't actually been used by anything and the battery can drain right down to 0% sometimes so I don't think the capacity has diminished, I was wondering if it could maybe be a software issue? Is this the kind of thing re-installing the xolo update might fix?
  3. They won't take it under warranty? I've not really had to deal with orange as I've been lucky, but from other peoples experiences I'll be staying far away when I replace my OSD with my next phone. Just wondering what's going on with this battery as sometimes it drains fully down so I don't think the capacity is degrading.
  4. Anyone else having this issue with the battery? The large drop is the phone telling me its at 0% and turning off. Sometimes it does this at 20%, sometimes higher, sometimes not at all.
  5. Ahhh, that makes a lot of sense because when I've noticed it happening it has been charging from my xbox usb port. Thanks.
  6. I get this in both ways mentioned above but also occasionaly when the phone is on charge as well. It stops when you take it off charge too.
  7. It is the hole for the secondary microphone for noise cancelling during calls, I would use the sound recorder and pass your finger gently over the pinhole while recording to test its still working fine. I'm not sure how exposed the microphone actually is inside so I wouldn't know if you could have damaged it or not but I would imagine its probably ok.
  8. I've had that a few times before, normally holding in the power button for longer restarts the phone, or plugging it in to charge can solve it too. That's what's worked for me anyway, hope that helps.
  9. If you install google calendar and keyboard do they replace the original apps like hangouts did with talk? Also if you install keyboard, would you need to rebuild a custom dictionary, or would it use the system dictionary if you've added a lot of your own words? Thanks.
  10. My power button went ages ago, everyone seems to have different issues with the OSD though, a lot power buttons and cracks, but everything else seems to be a couple of people for no particular reason. Maybe a re-install of xolo might help with the compass?
  11. I'm running xolo and my compass is fine, maybe its a hardware issue for you?
  12. Thanks, I think I've got a hold of it now. I'd been using the physical button.
  13. Yeah it focuses for me too, but when I take the picture it seems to have reverted back to autofocus, maybe it just takes some practice. I'll keep trying and see if I can get it.
  14. Can anyone tell me how it works? You tap an area and you can see it focusing, but it doesn't necessarily focus on that area when you take the photo. Just curious as to how you get it to take the picture focused on the area you select.
  15. Yeah all local songs, don't have any in the cloud to compare streaming battery use.
  16. I get around that with stock player and google play music
  17. They're there when the phones off, pretty sure its because of the gorilla glass as fuzzyy said.
  18. It was facebook and whatsapp, so 14Mb and 7.9Mb, AVG says I now have 261Mb free after downloading them which would make sense for the 260Mb needed free for app installs, I'm guessing its a bug in settings>apps? I'll try installing some more apps and see if they download. Edit:- Let me download over 60Mb of apps, maybe AVG shows how much storage I have left on top of the 260Mb required space? As for facebook and whatsapp when I've had that error before it was those two as well, maybe its just a google play bug.
  19. Ahh, that makes sense then. Don't know why under apps it says 605Mb free, but anyway, thanks :-)
  20. Sometimes when downloading updates for apps/downloading apps from the play store I get hit with "insufficient storage", yet I have over 260Mb free for apps and 1.5Gb free in storage, I tried rebooting and clearing cache and data on google play and it was still happening so I moved a few apps to usb storage and the updates downloaded and applied. So is it a bug in google play or is my phones storage showing me wrong amounts of free space? Edit: AVG says 260Mb free internal storage so does settings>storage yet in settings> apps it says 605Mb free.
  21. Hi, I'm having a problem with push notifications in facebook, I get notifications for everything except messages, notifications are on for messages but I still don't get any. Any help is appreciated.
  22. Basically, I've went to a few live dance events recently and have a few coming up and when I've recorded videos the volume of the music has caused heavy distortion on the audio. To the point its mostly inaudible. So I was wondering if anyone might know a way around this. E.g. covering the mic on the phone or attaching a headset etc. Thanks for any suggestions :-)
  23. Unreal. I thought everyone was over-exaggerating slightly, but the power buttons genuinely better than out of the box, not the easiest thing to do though. Thanks guys :-)
  24. Is there a possibility do you think of Google bringing out a 32Gb version in the future a là nexus 7?
  25. I wonder if intel will put a camera app closer to the original on JB, much preferred all the options. Mind you that's if we do actually get JB.
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