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  1. TWRP updated to version with support for Android 4.4.x (KIT-KAT)
  2. Yes, it doesn't work :( I can't do any change in /system and can't do a backup in a recovery too
  3. 09/07/2013: Updated to version with the following changes:
  4. Hi, with the official Bootloader unlock, reboots are discarded because of the Bootloader. If you have reboots at the moment, are probably due to the ROM.
  5. Excuse me but... You're screwed. OEMINFO never be what it was although you use DFS, QPST and other dangerous tools. Sorry.
  6. Official code request to Unlock the Bootloader [Final Post] Finally Huawei has deigned to put the G300 (all variants except the U8818) in the list of supported models for official code request. Now is not necessary to use alternative methods, as sending the request to [email protected] or similar, from now any method other than it is obsolete, now this is the Official method. We just need to enter the data that are required in the following web: http://www.huaweidev...ethod=preUnlock ELEMENTS NEEDED: PRODUCT MODEL: You must select yours between all variants. S/N (Serial Number): You must turn off the phone, remove the battery and then have your S/N on a white sticker. IMEI: On the phone dial (numeric keys) you must input *#06# and we will get it. PRODUCT ID: On the phone dial (numeric keys) you must input *#*#1357946#*#* and we will get it. (Only works in Stock ROMS or Stock-based). ONCE WE HAVE OUR CODE: We go to this post which explains exactly how to unlock the Bootloader: http://www.modaco.co...code-of-huawei/ NOTE: If you have the Bootloader unlocked with the unofficial method (unlockbootloader.exe or similar) you must relock the Bootloader before of the Official Unlock, to do this you must install an UPDATE.APP
  7. You must install the UPDATE.APP with the OEM-INFO Hack Tool guide: http://www.modaco.com/topic/360716-oeminfo-hack-tool-v10-install-any-updateapp-20032013/
  8. R5 available Changelog: Download here: http://d-h.st/HKj
  9. Recovering 3G in the G300 of Latin America and other 850 MHz regions Today I bring good news to those who have the G300 with the 850MHz band of Latin America, Australia, etc. They can recover in your 3G phones now! You just have to flash the following zip in any custom recovery (CWM or TWRP) and it's valid for any ROM, either stock or custom, GB or ICS, not matter. Download: http://www.solidfile...m/d/558c367073/ Credits to ceansaga, to who I gave the instructions to extract the original ROM modems of the operator "Claro" and he donated it. Also to CBlike, who test it and confirm that it works, and to jsevi83 for letting me use one of his base zips.
  10. You must install adb & fastboot packages (search in Google) and you must open a terminal and put the following command: sudo fastboot oem unlock 123456789987654321 Greetings.
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