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  1. For all of you who have problem with mobile data. I'm on VIP, Serbia. After installing every non stock rom, the mobile data APN was set to MMS... so just had to manually change... try that...
  2. This ROM is awesome, very fast and smooth, didn't have a slightest problem in daily use :)
  3. I believe there are same bugs? The problem was in chipset isn't it? Bad support or sth like that?
  4. Just to report possible bug in R2. When restarting phone, the options disappear and are not usable, as you can see on a picture. This is by far the best ROM I have ever used, I've god completely new phone. OTA working great. :) Thanks guys.
  5. I've just noticed there is no Turn on or off usb storage, pc is recognizing g300 as portable device, is it CM feature?
  6. I can't be 100% sure that WP8 is s***, because I haven't tried it, so big thanks to these guys, for giving us possibility to choose :D and later if you ever get new android phone, this can be good dev phone for wp8...
  7. you should try WP8 before you say it's s***... and its more cheaper to install it on your phone then to buy entirely new phone :P
  8. thanks fr0do :) It looks like the rom lacks space, I'll try to remove something. And thanks kuko61 for the link, I've translated the page with google :D Couldn't find Sim-Toolkit, but AllBackup is more than enough.
  9. I know, I installed evernote via that thing... I just have no other allbackup installation file than flashable zip...
  10. I didn't backed it up, I have no apk, only flashable zips...
  11. Hello everyone, sorry for posting a new thread, couldn't find answer by searching. I have a problem installing(flashing) AllBackup and SimToolkit. I think the problem is in the way i flashed them, I'm not just sure when to wipe and what to wipe, it's so confusing. This is what I've done. Entered CWM. flashed b944 repack wiped cache partition wiped data/factory reset flashed gapps flashed sim-toolkit flashed file-manager flashed sound-recorder flashed all-backup reboot After the first boot, I only got File Manager and Sound recorder, but I think those are included in ROM, so actually the apps that I've flashed is ignored. What is the right way of flashing apps? If there is any, and is there any way of installing allbackup and sim-toolkit without flashing? (I tried extracting apk, from zip, but can't install from that apk :S) Thanks in advance O:)
  12. I would like to try CM10 Jelly Bean, so the question is, how to revert to stock ICS? Does it differs from reverting to stock from the ICS roms? The is no downgrading, because the baseband is the same? Thank you.
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