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  1. Download isn't working, just redirects 5 times to some ad network bullshit.. Did ROMraid get hacked? Can someone who managed to download it before please provide a direct link? I'll compare the MD5s after to make sure it's the right one. Edit: NM. Disabled AdMuncher and got it to load... pretty poor design to get shunted out to some other ad sites..
  2. Well.. It's not looking good for all of us using the patched Wallet that have any money tied up on the prepaid card. http://www.google.com/wallet/prepaid-refund/index.html First of all we're locked out of resetting Wallet due to the upgrade notification, which means we can't even reset it on wallet.google.com since it doesn't see our device as connected, and to get access again when there is a new patched Wallet we risk secure element errors. Without a new patched wallet today (or maybe tomorrow, though I'm not sure what time internationally Google will put it into effect) when Wallet is reset we won't be able to re-add our Prepaid cards, meaning the money on it will be likely be lost. Google says you can have the money refunded to you, but I'm not too sure many of us want to have to explain our fake AVS addresses on the BuyFromPowerSeller cards we added the funds from. :(
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