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  1. I can't wait to try out your ROM! I'm really sure that it will be amazig =D You're working so hard on it so it can't be otherwise.=) (sorry for my bad english =))
  2. Uncharitable

    RootBox Problem !!!

    Only Adreno!!
  3. Uncharitable

    RootBox Problem !!!

    Flash Adrenaline Engine™
  4. Uncharitable

    Simple Question !!

    10min. max
  5. Uncharitable

    RootBox Problem !!!

    Try a clean install. MAKE A BACKUP Then boot into CWM Format Data Format Cache Format /system Format Dalvik Cache Install ROM and Gapps (if you use int2ext script or Ardreno flash them BEFORE Gapps) The restart shouldn't take more then 10min. If it takes longer repeat the steps above WITHOUT the scripts...
  6. Hmmm..... Looks nice =) Let's test it. =D
  7. Okay... Then I'm waiting for the release!
  8. WOW! I think your ROM will be the best ROM for our Skate! Yes! Finally a date! =D Your new kernel... Can you compare it with an existig kernel?
  9. Uncharitable

    [Q] Smoothest ROM + launcher ?

    I am using H3Blue with Smart Launcher. Super smooth!!!
  10. Uncharitable


    Simply buy it. It isnt so much money...=D

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