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  1. well so far so good to be fair the phone is rock solid . nokia maps are awesome . and loving zune as i use it on my laptop anyways and on the xbox.
  2. i hope that is not the case mate , i need a rock solid phone that does things with ease , nokia maps i used to love and i am looking forward to giving it a spin tomorrow , loving how easy it is to use though to be fair , things have come a massive way on for windows. well you never know i might be back on the android darkside once again in the near future , my problem is that i bloody love technology lol.
  3. hi guys , ok its a sad day the g300 has been sold passed on to a ew owner , i have bought myself a new phone ....... wait for it the suspense Nokia Lumina 800 ( windows ) just wanted to say thanks fo the support and hel while i owned the g300 and im going to use the windows forums from now on here. all the best guys and wish me luck getting my head around the windows darkside. chris.
  4. hmmm ok will give it some thought , i have been back on gr2 for a day now and the first thing i have noticed is that it very very stable and that there is no lagf at all. i have installed a OC kernel as well , using like you 1228 on performance and noop i would agree 25% does come with a difference and that the phone feels snappy and light. i think that once ICS goes official in the uk that i might go back.
  5. hi mate , all is well that ends well . i managed to buy a SD card adapter today and popped my middle package on and then re flashed b895 back on and the phone sprang back in to action . i have also now , unlocked my boot loader and rooted and installed pauls gr2 rom. so back to the start now and all i need to do is overclock it and im a happy man . just out of interest what kernel works best for overclocking on gingerbread . i have had a scout and all seems to be pointing to ics at the moment. thanks for the advice last night as well.
  6. i will let you know how i get on tomorrow mate and thanks for the help so far. Chris.
  7. brilliant , that i can do but not until tomorrow by the looks on things . i need to get a micro sd converter for the pc to drop the file on the root of the memory card by the looks on things. is there no other was i can recover mate .
  8. hi mate , ok i have tried to down press and wait for 15 but the damn thing keeps wanting to bootloop , im not going to be able to pop the dload file on to the mem card i don't think as i cant get it to see the phone and i don't have a adapter handy to pop in on. can you think of anything thing else. i was about the use the gingerbread root
  9. hi mate thanks for the reply , ok i was on stock voda b889 was going to go to gr2 modaco , i have tried to hold down and power for a long time , all i seem to be getting if now a constant bootloop for about 4 secs and it starts again. i sucessfully install super su and was going to do my recovery and flash gr2 is there anyway that i could get the phone on long enough to try a official update,app or is that the wrong way to go about this ? thanks for your time.
  10. balls boot loop problem

  11. the pc wont see the phone either , i thought that if i downloaded a official rom and place the dload folder to the root and press up and power i could get it to upgrade. any ideas guys pretty please.
  12. hi guys can you help me please , ok i have been back on stock for a few days now and tonight i was going to go back to pauls gr2 and root and unlock the bootloader and install cwm ok all went well and i manged to get superuser on the menu and went to install cwm , now my phone keeps rebooting to the huawei boot screen for 4 seconds and reboots. please help guys this is my only phone and i need to get it done before work in the morning and thanks in advance fro your help. chris .
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