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  1. Wait for a week. Cyanogenmod RC5 + franco latest nightly or M3 (its coming soon) battery life on heavy usage (4+ hours screen being 'on') will give you 8~ hours.
  2. Thanks a lot for all the support guys always! I am moving on to an another phone - N4. I will never forget you all and especially, KonstaT. Thanks a lot man. God bless you all. Also, I will sometime keep coming back here and check out the progress. Maybe Google Now starts working! Take care guys.
  3. Well, to be honest, its not that bad. Surprisingly, the Home app isnt resource hungry! :D
  4. Hey guys! Now, I dont know if its relevant or not, but Facebook Home works flawlessly on this ROM. Its a little slow at first-time start, but its working good for me. Been using it since a day and not much battery loss. Y'all should try it out.
  5. Working very well on a ZTE Blade here, Paul. Thanks a lot. 600mhz device running Facebook Home.. What a daft world we live in!
  6. I tried to search, but it didnt help so I am gonna ask you all here. I want to disable my hardware buttons (Home, Menu and Back) temporarily. Is it possible? Reason> I want the phone to be completely touch.
  7. Pie Controls finally! Thank you so much, KonstaT its workingg perfectly! And those who are complaining obviously dont know how to activate them. Thanks man!
  8. Thanks for fixing the pattern lock, you one aweome person. I love you. THAT was the only thing that was irritating me. A Nexus 4 person asked me if I have the 4.2.2 and grinned. I told him, Look for yourself. He and an GS3 guy gave me dirty looks. Haha! Btw, KonstaT if you dont mind me asking, whats your age? O_o And since when you working on Android development? I am just curious.. Just saw a 14 year old dev at XDA doing some major work for GS3.
  9. Even I cannot! This is irritating. I really need to set a pattern. Is there a possible fix?
  10. 4.2.2 is like, a polished update. The only things I notice are spacing between certain things and better grammatical use of language. The Lock Pattern tutorial is gone. And, the background has been changed from a wierd grey to a properly toned dark grey. Good update. Thank you Konstat. And Google.
  11. No need to wipe anything. Just reboot to CWM and flash and boot up.
  12. Hey guys, anyone who faces soft reboots when attaching on SD Card mode (I dont though. In fact, I have NEVER had a reboot of any kind other than voluntary) you can use an app from the Store known as, 'Remote Desktop'. Uses your WiFi to transfer files. Faster and more reliable from that stupid cable. I am suggesting because I needed an app like this since I lost my cable, couldnt find a replacement and had to use an SD-Card reader. Also, KonstaT is right. No battery drains. Use Battery Calibrator. Might help. Like, just last night when I was done using my phone for checking my Facebook and all, I shut off my Data and WiFi both. Phone was in call mode only. Battery was at 70%. Now, when I got up in the morning, I did not face ANY loss. Battery was still at 70%. Also, Idk if this is the right place to ask this or not, but my 8GB Class 4 SD card is very small now for me. :P So, can anyone suggest a very good 16GB card? It should be fast. Thats all. Budget, no issue.
  13. Now I got it.. Maybe its that script. Anyway, the issue is fixed. Thanks for making me more known. :D
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