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  1. Hello, I rooted the device with the guide by Paul, all was ok! But, for my mistake, last evening I deleted some (maybe too many) apps and now the smartphone doesn't detect the sims. I tried with a wipedata/factory reset but was unsuccesful.... Can anybody help me some way? Some forums users told me that I need the deleted apps to reload (but I don't know which are and how do it!), the original ROM or a "nandroid" backup to reload but I don't have idea where I can find it. :( I hope you can help me! Thank you
  2. styvx

    Acer Gallant Duo root / hacking tools

    Ok, works great but for a newbie like me maybe you should modify the point 8 like this : When the flash is complete, DISCONNECT THE USB CABLE, REINSTALL THE BATTERY AND turn your device on with 'volume up' held. This will launch recovery. When the recovery screen loads, press the volume up key to show the menu and select the reboot option WITH THE POWER BUTTON. Your device is now rooted! For an expert like you maybe these steps are obvious...not for all! :) Thank you!
  3. styvx

    64GB SD?

    Hello everybody, somebody tried to install a 64GB micro SD card? ;) Thanks

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