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  1. Yes - for me, been running from last night, no FC's at my end, running smoothly again, getting the OTA notification but apart from that everything seems to be running well.
  2. I've had 46 hours out of the battery on Lightning, hammering Wifi and a bit of 3G, calls, texts facebook. Fast, reliable, all my apps work, no freezing, no lock ups. Fastest, smoothest most reliable ROM out there for G300 and I've tried them all
  3. Ok - so This is by FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR the best G300 Rom ever. I have been heavy using the wifi and 3G, not so much calling but facebook, BBC news etc and so far I have 33 hours uptime with 20% battery remaining, that hasn't ever happened on CM or Infusion. I was a fusion daily user as CM Mods were too flaky / buggy for me for every day use, but this is super smooth and fast and all my apps work perfectly. THANK YOU. this is a revelation and feels like a new phone altogether . +10
  4. Really? I have two G300's, one for everyday use running on Infusion and the second I switch between CM9-10 and this and always picks up the APN on voda and three
  5. I see a big difference on battery power, had the 3g and network on all day and only dropped 3%
  6. So all the freezing issues I have had with R6 are gone, R7 is good, no issues other than battery drain in 3G and seems to be more power hungry on wifi, but maybe that's paranoia on my part. Everything else is sweet and smooth, good work and thanks for sorting out the freezing issues, must have been the 800MHz
  7. I've got two phones, one old and one new, I'll try the build on the old one and see if it does the same thing, it may be down to individual phones behaviour
  8. Actually it isn't for some of us, I have the same issue with CM10 as with CM9 freezing etc, it is exactly the same issue on both builds and this issue is only apprent on the latest builds
  9. Exactly the same in every way for me, CM9 and CM10. I've tried every flavour of CWM, and all of the steps above and It freezes / gets stuck on the Huawei logo. Back to infusion and no issue, back to every rom I've ever used on 2030 baseband and no issue
  10. Have tried downloading again, 100% wipe, using the CWM suggested, checked the phone by going back to R3 and infusion and both work fine, CM10 no bother apart from know issue. Looks like my phone won't take this one though :(
  11. I'm not having much luck with this one! Did the OTA update, rebooted, froze and had to battery pull after 5 mins Rebooted, Froze again Did a full wipe and install, same thing again after 5 mins Clean wipe and install again, stuck in bootloader Rebooted and stuck again Installed after clean wipe again and then froze, random reboots...
  12. I'm having the issue with browser closing and Facebook closing, Netflix not working at all, closes before it gets to the opening screen. I am running CM10 on a second phone, with clean install, all wipes etc done prior to loading the ROM. Apart from that, I'm not getting the status bar freeze after disabling hardware overlays - can't comment on any in call issues etc as I've purely been using the phone to run / test apps. It seems to have a great battery life compared to Infusion B06 Final, but still using that on my day phone as it is super fast and stable. Good effort so far and has the potential to be amazing, so thanks for your efforts, much appreciated and look forward to the next release.
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