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  1. Hi ! i'm have to choose between these three smartphones L9 (119 zł), Xperia J (159 zł), Ace 2 (59 zł) I'm going to use it to play most of the time and i want it to have good support (roms etc.) occasionally i'm using internet and yt. My previous pfone was Huawei Ascend g300 so it would be good if next one would be better. Thanks for any help p.s the main choice is these 3 but what do you think about paying a little more and getting samsung s III mini ?
  2. Ok thank you all very much for help. I think i'll take it to the service and let them check what is not working
  3. i disassembled and reassembled it today and to be honest i didn't noticed any cracks or stuff like this but i don't really know what to look for. For me everything looked just fine.Is there any way to check is there possibility of this issue coming back?
  4. Hmm i have to say that the problem with the display has gone by itself, of course the crack is still there. My question is if this problem may come back after i replace the lcd ' of course i will reinstall os
  5. Hi after my phone dropped i noticed it has broken lcd. That's not a problem for me because i can replace it but next day something like this appeard but without jumping and the "second display" was upside-down i think. Now the problem is i don't know should i replace just lcd or something else is broken too. Thank you for help

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