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  1. i want to install the new jb 4.1.2 rom here is the zte checker details just used blade checker European Blade 512 Ram detected TPT upgraded gen2 phone detected Use gen1 style TPts Current partition sizes system 160mb data :294 mb cache 2mb if i want to repartition my phone to 220mb system the which tpt do i need to use? here is the rom link : http://www.modaco.co...01-android-421/ as zte checker shows that system partition is 160 mb so can i proceed without flashing and tpt ? although i want to increase the system partition size so it would help me installing the bigger roms.as i am new to this stuff plz guide me :) when i am trying to flash the tpts its giving error Update from t-flash card! error| error|
  2. when i try to use tpt it gives an error in green text.what to do ? Update from t-flash card! error| error|
  3. power button works ven connc to charger usb.tryd to flash tpt but ven pressed vol + button shows only green android logo...is it bcz ph it connected to charger or usb?
  4. tried Bootloop problem If after flashing CyanogenMod via RomManager and the device is stuck constantly at the boot screen, it is experiencing what's called a "bootloop". If this is occurring, try the following and this should resolve the issue: Pull the battery from the device. Boot into the custom recovery image. Refer to this article on more info on that. Download the latest version of CyanogenMod on the computer. Optional: Download the Google Apps for the device. Mount the device into USB storage mode: Amon_Ra's Recovery: select USB-MS toggle ClockworkMod Recovery: select mounts and storage » mount USB storage [*]Copy the CyanogenMod update.zip to the root of the SD card. Optional: Copy the Google Apps update.zip to the root of the SD card. [*]Unmount USB storage mode: Amon_Ra's Recovery: press the Home button 'ClockworkMod Recovery: select Unmount Wipe userdata: Amon_Ra's Recovery: select Wipe » Wipe ALL userdata ClockworkMod Recovery: select wipe data/factory reset [*]Flash CyanogenMod: Optional: Also flash the Google Apps. [*]Amon_Ra's Recovery: select Flash zip from sdcard and select the CyanogenMod update.zip [*]ClockworkMod Recovery: select install zip from sdcard » choose zip from sdcard and select the CyanogenMod update.zip [*]Reboot the device and everything should be fine but this didnt help now after installing the rom it shows only android logo which blinks....no cm logo appears...if disconnect usb or charger ph gets off...
  5. mobile starts only when the charger is connected.when the charger is dc then the phone gets off.
  6. done not working android logo appears then cm logo and then again android logo n then cm logo...what to do ?
  7. hey,i am using cm 10 jelly bean rom on my blade...my mobile does not boot..just removed the sim used it in tab and then placed back in the mobile.When hold power button nothing happens.Connected charger then tried to boot,green android appears,cm 10 jb cm logo animate's then when the loading of the cm animaton is completed then again the green android logo appers then again cm mod loading logo appears,clock recovery mode is working only when charger is connect. if the mobile it not connected to charger mobile doesnt boot nor the clockwork recovery mode start's. what to do ?
  8. m looking for the case of dell xcd35...dun find in india any ver...got any idea?
  9. i was able to sort it bcz u hv guided me throug the whole procedure :)
  10. [url="http://www.modaco.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&section=findpost&pid=2023535"][img=][/url]ososossy, on 19 September 2012 - 06:40 PM, said: @ thanks abarth man for heloing used that tpt and its working is that even english? anyone else understand a word he's saying? predictive text gone horribly wrong perhaps? edited :)
  11. i have used other tpt provided by abarthman in cm10 post bro...may b it was partition prob :) ty for helping
  12. @abarthman thanks for helping bro,used the tpt that you gave,installed the jb gapps,working fine :)
  13. gunnerz bro chk this out in the partition info section /system 140mb/140mb /data 47.51mb/314mb /cache 1.9mb / 2.00mb /sdcard 400/1.86 gb the tpt i have used is http://bit.ly/wEO8Im the one you gave ? do we need to change the tpt if yes can you provide the onE?
  14. If your phone was originally a Gen 1, you should have used this one to get the 160Mb partition: [url="http://bit.ly/xfRgvu"]http://bit.ly/xfRgvu[/url] my phone was gen 1 before then used a tpt that made it gen2 wid default partition, yesterday gunnerz bro gave me that tpt . now my ph is gen2 so which tpt do i need to use ?
  15. in the partition info section /system 140mb/140mb /data 47.51mb/314mb /cache 1.9mb / 2.00mb /sdcard 400/1.86 gb the tpt i have used is http://bit.ly/wEO8Im
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