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  1. Hi all followed the original post to restore a moto g 16gb to stock Basically its for the mother in law and the reason for doing this is that she will be paranoid about the bootloader unlocked message so thought Id try the stock Went through fine it seems but now just stuck looping on this bootloader warning Can anybody help please!
  2. At last......yep it was my error all along.....what I thought was boot loader mode was not after all Thanks for all the help its now up and running just fine
  3. Thanks - tried again yesterday with official cable/ re-downloading drivers and the same thing happens - Its beaten me - I think I will try and return it Just to make sure though when in bootloader I get the tesco hudl star screen.....no sound and then a charging icon when plugged into laptop and then screen goes blank basically I assume this is bootloader mode? It does show up in device manager (just cant install stil)
  4. Im not sure but have tried another cable too Well went on sisters laptop win 7 64bit and again just wont install - I did a screencast - will try and add on here when I get 5mins (need to take audio off it!) Again picks up android and installs the ADB driver but rktools finds nothing at all - Ive never been able to install any drivers from rockchip Will put up video link later
  5. Still unable to get the drivers on - Ive gone and used my mothers laptop with windows 7 32 bit and the device is picked up in device manager (android) but the rockchip drivers just will not install......done the have disk option etc . Tried 32 bit - 64 bit the lot I just dont get it - it seem to be in bootloader mode - ie nothing on screen at all So will try again later on my sisters 64bit windows 7 - really am stumpped though at the mo
  6. Good to see some peeps getting it working For the life of me I cant get working in 64bit Windows 8.1 - Even tried restoring to windows 8 but the rock drivers just wont go on So tried various forms of virtual machines and an old pc from the shed (that was a noo go anyway) but I am not having much joy at all So going to take the thing into work and try on an old win 2000 server!!!!
  7. Im still completely stuck restoring my hudl after the update. Ive got an ubuntu VM going - it cant find the hudl when trying the restore option on this post (post 10) http://www.modaco.com/topic/365672-hudl-backup-script-under-review-re-write/ So tried windows 7 VM too - with all sorts of drivers and all that seems to show up in device manager is an HTC dream but its still doesnt show in the rktools app I think an issue that could be causing probs is I cant get into the settings at all to enable usb debugging which some of these tools is a prerequisite - so I guess out of luck??? Fed up with it now! If anyone has windows 7 64bit drivers they definitely know will work can you post a link if possible???
  8. Well Ive had no luck getting out of this loop yet - to add to the issues Im running Windows 8.1 64bit I have installed drivers in the past but I remember it being a pain to get working So I think I may leave for now and try on a virtual windows 7 machine tomorrow (baby is taking up a lot of time at the moment!!)
  9. Yeh same here - cant skip the update by touching the four corners Tried connecting to wifi then switching my wifi off but again asks to connect and then its straight to downloading the update loop
  10. Im stuck Cant update or use hudl now - did have a modified systemui but reset the hudl to factory settings before sorting that out and it keeps wanting to update automatically now on reboot but cant as it errors all the time Ive reset it again to see if it allows to skip wifi set up but it doesnt allow that at all Any body have some simpleton tips for me?? Annoying
  11. Hi all Been waiting for this update - but for my mothers hudl which was rooted with kingoo app I think and a modified systemui to remove the tesco T button - it wont update So followed this to factory reset the hudl http://ttselectrical.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3569/~/performing-a-hardware-factory-restore-on-your-hudl It still wont update to the new version - just give an error with an android robot on its back Anybody have idea what I can do??
  12. Could I just flash using this method??? http://www.modaco.com/topic/365575-stock-hudl-rom-for-rktools-updated-latest-available-rom-20131016200812/ Update - didnt work - doesnt seem to be recognised is windows - same problem as before on 8.1 but I installed the drivers earlier and managed to root the previous Hudl makes no sense Right Ive decided to go grab my parents laptop today with windows 7 It seems that there are driver issues on windows 8.1 64 bit at least Hopefully the Hudl will then get recognised in windows and I can then load on the original stock firmware using rktools Does this sound right to anybody with more experience with hudl??? I need to get this done today! Thanks all Update Just tried to boot it this morning and it booted - im completely confused! Did nothing at all just setup the account again from scratch so look like all is good - just going to give it a couple of reboots now Leaving the tesco stuff on for now - its rooted and the T symbol is gone - just leaving as is
  13. Hi all Had another thread going this evening regarding a hudl not booting - that has been sorted for now Went back to my nieces hudl which was rooted the other day and now this isnt booting at all - im pretty sure it was working Ok when I last looked at it????? Ive reset using the button on the back to reset it and tried with the up arrow and power to reset - all I can get is the android recovery menu The screen comes on but then goes off Any ideas how I can fix this - no idea what has caused this as like I said pretty sure it was fine Thanks again - life savers tonight
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