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  1. i have win7... nevermind guys, i reflashed the rom and now it's working, dunno what went wrong with the previous installation :wacko: thanks for help after a couple of days using this rom i have to admit it is incredibly fast and smooth... i dont know how the guy could make this rom so fast! I tried infusion and all CMs releases (9-10-10.1) but this seems twice faster!
  2. tried that app, but didnt work.. still get no notifications... neither on my pc i dont have the classic sound that notify a usb device plugged
  3. awesome rom but i have a problem: when i connect to my pc with usb cable i dont get any notification to activate data transfer... it just stay in battery charge mode also i dont get any notification on win 7 too... was using CM before and it was working nice how can i fix it?
  4. yes i agree with you, but at the moment, as long i am using pdroid is working good and i didnt notice any issue or problem, i will keep an eye on it for any issue may occour :) @amren: you should ask in the pinned thread about cwm
  5. Hello just in case you need Pdroid functions, here's the patches for the latest version of the awesome CM from Dazzozo :lol: This is for R2 version only, do not apply over R1 or others CM. Update file to add compatibility: http://www.mediafire...z31fu84s1dtreko Restore file to remove: http://www.mediafire...3klji23lmjkg3wg Just flash the zip from your cwm, it's not bad to make a system backup from cwm just in case something goes wrong :P After put the update you need to install Pdroid Manager app available on the Play store or here: http://forum.xda-dev...20&d=1358908547 I am new to this, just tested on my G300 and it is working very good, tell me if there's any problem Hope you enjoy :)
  6. i think you mean useless folders in sd from previous installed rom... but yes, i usually delete all folders in sd, then i paste inside the rom and the gapps.... dunno if helps, but i prefer a fresh and clean install :)
  7. lol.. i wish mine could reach at least 10ghz..... :P interesting work, i will try it :)
  8. guys where can i find some nice themes for the rom? ty
  9. +1 i'm sure daz will fix it soon, but for the momenti i will keep wifi enabled all time so i think i wont get anymore freeze :o
  10. how can i get back the default infusion wallpaper after i change it? Cant find the image.... do i have to flash the rom again :o ?
  11. i'm form italy but i dont have any problem with download... maybe try again and wait few hours :) i usually do a total wipe including format system and delvin cache
  12. tillaz you are the best! waiting for the release then will make a donation for your awesome work and support :D
  13. thanks a lot my bad, i missed the post from kratos few pages back exlpaining how to upgrade... i saw it just now ;)
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