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  1. I just flashed the ROM again without wipes to see if it does the trick. I'll report if it worked. Thanks
  2. hello there people, i need some help. I installed this Rom yesterday (i formated all partitions in CWM) flashed the zip and booted. Then I installed "New RIL Patch" to try and fix network drops. Everything is running perfectly (including calls and network) until after a few hours of use I get a phone call and nobody can ear me but i can ear people. Even after a restart it doesn't seem to work. When i first installed the ROM it worked fine after a reboot, so i flashed "Old RIL Patch" to restore things, but it's not working, i get a call and nobody ears me, even if i'm the one calling. I wouldn't like to reinstall everything since i spent a lot of time configuring everything, but if that is the only option....i'll do it. This is great work and ROM and I hope u continue to develop. Thanks Cheers
  3. It does help, thanks. It doesn't happen very often and i think it stopped after flashing latest 308kernel. Not sure if it has anything to do with it. I'll stick with this for a while. thanks again
  4. hello, i don't remember the last official but i'm guessing b936. Will it hurt if i flash RIL 940 if i have official 936? How can i know wich official i have? If i flash a Rom based on 952, does that mean i must flash RIL 952? Where's RIL 952? It's a bit confusing in this RIL stuff. Thanks
  5. hey there, wich RIL should i flash to try fix reboots? b940? I have B06 installed. Thanks
  6. hello people, thanks for this rom, it's quite nice. I have this problem with calendar app. In Infusion i exported calendar events and in this rom i can't import because i don't have that option. it's a vcs file and i also have an ics file. how do i import it? is there any calendar app that supports vcs or ics that can import the file? thanks
  7. Is this list going to be updated? it could be very helpful cheers
  8. well, i don't use it either. i think downloading the app is a better option for those who like facebook or other social stuff
  9. hey tillaz, B2 looks perfect and feels perfect. If people don't like themes, don't download themes, simple as that. I'd like to try some of thoose themes if possible. They look good. I believe that most of us would like to give it a try. Very nice work Thanks
  10. solved!! no problem with b02. it must have been a bad restore in previous version. flashlight app wasn't even in the app's drawer... lol
  11. forgot to mention that i'm on b944b01. i'm going to test flashlight with b02
  12. i don't know if anyone already report this if i have screen timeout set to 30secs, if i turn flashlight on, flashlight goes off after 30secs. it should continue on. thanks

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