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  1. +1. I just feel sorry I can't donate something to Daz. If it wasn't for him, there wouldn't be other custom ROM's based on his. Keep up the good work Daz. Hope you stick around. Thanks
  2. Thanks, i might try it in a few days. I'm with the latest CM10 from joestone for now
  3. Is keyboard working? mine is FC all the time. I can't do anything
  4. By loud i meant noise. Even on lowest volume, i can't understand what people say to me, its like echo or something. Too much noise to understand. And i can't fix it
  5. By CM10.1 bugs you mean that phone calls are too loud? This is what is keeping me away from it now...
  6. I have that too. Hope that Fagulhas looks into it :/
  7. Here in Portugal there are some used (like new) at 70€ locked to Vodafone but without contract. (New is 150€)
  8. Lockscreen options, different camera with 360º panorama, different status bar (toggles). These are what will get your eye the most.
  9. Daz, its missing 2 menus in settings.. The one to overclock and developer options to turn debugging on?
  10. You should change the color of the icons on status bar (they are white and the bar is white). Same for the sound icon in the last pic you uploaded ;)
  11. Very nice, could you post screenshots on settings? Tks! Very good looking
  12. Daz, i updated by OTA. Everything is ok! Installed with no problems, browser don't crash anymore. All seems good to me. Except for the panorama mode in camera that looks like a bug's eye.. but u know that already Tks very much :)
  13. I did clean install with full wipes on the version of the shendu rom im using twice and still have wifi freezes. i just leave it on.
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