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  1. G300 is a budget phone, what would you expect from it, related to gaming? just think. Every new update, people always say "this game still freeze, that one FC.." jesus. Btw, with my normal usage + config all apps because of fresh install, one full charge got me already 1d 10h battery, and 34% left =) never had such a good results with any JB rom. well done
  2. Thank's! =) it's my first time using slim bean, and i'll be using this as it is superb !
  3. Hi telonius! Nice work on this, it's awesome! i have an issue: gesture typing only works with english.. what can cause this? bad flash? Thank's in advance
  4. Not in CM. i think th only way is using an app, something called spirit fm or similar
  5. Check your sound settings (not the toogles, the sound menu it self...) Or try to toogle off and on again :b no idea.
  6. Read the first post! "This ROM only works on a device running baseband version 2030 that has been upgraded through the official Ice Cream Sandwich process. It is compatible with both the U8815 and U8818 models." Just update the phone with the official updates to ICS , and then check your baseband! there you have it, 2030
  7. Great work Daz! Really Appreciate your work, and the ones that helped you! Keep them coming :P
  8. I love Android, but for what ive seen about Windows Phone, there are some really nice features that i like, and i personaly like the UI ! Im using Launcher 7 and some Wp7 apps, they are great. WP8 should be amazing.
  9. am i the only one that has everything working ok? lol caller id -> no lag, diplays correctly Power button -> diplays the menu it should Wifi -> ok Wifi connections -> ok ... it keeps going
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