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  1. When I go to the gallery, and the to "Camera" it does not show anything and the app closes inmediately. It says that there are 40 photos in (that's correct), but when I open it, there aren't thumbnails and I can't open any photograph. What could I do?
  2. I love this ROM, for me it's the best JB (I've flashed 4 of them), but the camera is the WORST camera I've ever used. If want to take a picture, it takes 3 and then it closes, and this dind't happen with the other JB... also in whatsapp, if I want to take a picture and send it directly it closes again and I can't take anything... is there any solution? I don't want the flash, I only want a 'normal' camera (Sorry for my bad english) Thanks!
  3. I was in Paranoid but I don't like it and I have returned here... but I have a doubt, I did the three wipes and then format system, but when I mounted USB there were things in the SD, and I don't know if it is normal... if it is not, what should I do?
  4. I installed bsplayer and now I can watch my videos, but they are lagged yet... this is normal right? videos who people send me are not lagged, but mine are...
  5. i can't see my own recorded videos, and the videos which people sends me by whatsapp either :S is this normal?
  6. Thanks for your help. I'm going to put InteractiveX and see what happens...
  7. What are the best settings for battery life? Mine is bad (does not arrive to 1 day) and I see people who has 2 days of battery... what can I do?
  8. I did it with CWM, I have done it and it was all ok' thanks. but another question, when i change whatsapp wallpaper, if i close the app it dissappears. what can i do ? ]
  9. I have an "important question". When I format the SD card, the previous partition (the one of the previous ROM) is erased? I ask this because I don't remember how much was the partition I did, and I want to know if I can partition it again...
  10. here in spain ETA is a terrorist band, and if I write that in google only appears things of that band... and not an english acronym...
  11. OMG... so I have to buy a new one? :( I'm waiting for Paranoid's link, and if battery life is better I'll stay there...
  12. and who has asked that? I don't understand! don't troll me please
  13. When is the link going to be available?

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