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  1. Hey guys, I don't know if this is the right section, so if a mod could move it if it's not, but I am looking into learning development with the AOSP. Specifically I am looking into porting the ZTE Blade (I have a vivacity) to kitkat just for fun, I don't really want to use cyanogenmod because I want to learn from the ground. I know that with the AOSP you need to provide drivers for the device when you build the ROM, whether you make them or not and I was wandering if ZTE were nice enough to provide the drivers for their devices, or if a list of components was available? I was also wandering if anybody could guide me to any good websites or books on the topics I might need to know, I'm already quite a sufficient programmer so learning android specifics should be simpler, also things like writing Linux kernel drivers for when I may need to do so. Thanks so much

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