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  1. Dio-Genes

    Root a Nexus 4 ?

    That was a helpful thread for you, wasn't it? :D
  2. Jetzt langt's wirklich langsam...

  3. Dio-Genes

    Worth the wait?

    hi geoff, had a huawei ideos x3 and a zte skate before this one, which i rooted and tried various custom roms (that was quite needed, because the stock just wasn't that good). i tried around a little bit with the nexus but gave up soon, because it seems to be much harder to root and stuff. besides, in my opinion theres not really a need to root and get custom stocks for it - it is running soooo smooth and terrific just out of the box. i guess, i'll keep it that way...
  4. Dio-Genes

    Worth the wait?

    there are some stores in germany that rarely have some now and then, but sold fast then.
  5. Dio-Genes

    Worth the wait?

    Got mine last saturday, and yes, it's worth it. Rumours go, that the production will be stopped by LG, so, it will become really rare and I'm glad, I got mine. Besides, it's terrific :-)
  6. Okay, yes, I had an app that boosted the card. But I extra bought me a Class 10 Card and it was very speedy on the other ROMs, but espacially not on the CM 10.1. So I was wandering if it depended on the ROM, the not functioning of Int2Ext or the use of Link2SD. But I'm sure tilal will somewhen get it fixed, so Int2Ext is running also on this ROM.
  7. Hi, no, I never worked with stuff like that, e. g. TPT helper or so. Just do the partitioning and SD-EXT in CWM, thats all. Always worked fine for me.
  8. Hi, this is mine and is recognized well, but the speed is low: Transcend Extreme-Speed Micro SDHC 16GB Class 10
  9. There is one thing, that's puzzling me. When I started to use Int2Ext I speacially bought me a new SD Card, Class 10. It made sense to me. The speed (read write) was fast, write up to 8 MB/sec. When I copy something to the card right now (using Link2SD) the max. speed is limited to 1.8 MB/sec. Maybe this gives a hint to someone of the programmers/developers. It seems very slow. The size of the EXT (3) partition is 2 GB, the Card is 16 GB, it was much faster with the PA ROM. Just flashed the new version yesterday and find, tilal again made a really good job. This ROM is so wonderful. Though I was looking sometimes to Octo or so, I miss so much there compared to the 4.2x, it's simply incredible. Thank you so much, tilal.
  10. Hi, Int2Ext + not working yet. Just for your info. Did a clean install - really works and looks great.
  11. Hi everybody, I don't have proof for it, but to me it seems that the Seeder.apk is doing some strange things to the skate. Slow charging? No charging symbol? Some unwanted erratic behaviour of other apps (including stock apps). I've uninstalled it and wait for more comments on this, for Seeder at all seems to be a good idea anyway.
  12. Probably just try an absolutely clean install with wiping all the parts as told on page one. I never used TPT or something like that ever and let the ROM sit by itself and always worked out fine for me.
  13. That's exactly what I did and also installed GMAIL and everything's working fine and syncing. Anyone an idea if it is possible too, to install Chrome. It always says, not compatible. Downloaded the APK seperately but the same message. Is it possible anyhow (on ARM V6)? Happy new year to all :)
  14. I've seen no glitches yet so far. It ALL looks absolutely fantastic - I'm happy with it.
  15. Did you do a clean install? Really works fine here. DON'T use INT2EXT script or something similiar - does not work yet. Link2SD works fine here. All very smooth and running well and looking fantastic - great job from tilal

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