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  1. if you can you will my idol. se ce la fai sarai il mio idolo.
  2. più che altro perché ogni dispositivo è diverso.. mostly because each device is different ..
  3. stiwy io la penso come drmad.. una colletta non la possiamo dare se poi non siamo sicuri che lui riesce a compilare rom senza problemi..puo dimostrarlo finendo la cm9 stiwy I think as drmad .. a collection we can not give if not then we are sure that he fails to compile rom without problems .. can prove finishing the cm9
  4. can you do a stock rom with all this features? because the cm7 has the sim card problem.. :(
  5. yeah. i've installed it, gave the permissions and booted. when it starts says that settings.apk does not installed.
  6. it doesn't work.. says: this application isn't installed..
  7. hi! i think it's a beautiful rom. so, i would ask you: can you try to do it on a stock gb? 'cause a lot of people who have the metal have the problem with cyanogenmod :/
  8. nice :D bgut.. does it work on stock base rom?
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