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  1. SIMs are not working: no IMEI has been found.
  2. Thank you cmachado0. Now it starts, unfortunately only if there are no SIM plugged in. If there are, it freezes on the green acer logo with some strange sparks all around the screen... And now?
  3. Houston, we've got a problem here! I tried to load it but now it doesn't even turn on... If I plug the cable to the pc I just get the blue led on... OMG...
  4. Doesn't it make the phone unable to detect the sims because of wrong imei registration?
  5. My phone is still there, bricked... Any news?
  6. I wonder why is not there a stock or original ROM available anywhere! It can be useful for everybody, since it would allow to restore the device in case of problems...
  7. frakie

    Acer Gallant Duo root / hacking tools

    Hi Vache, I tried your BETA rom, but the flash tool crashed loading the DSP_BL module (S_DL_PC_BL_INVALID_GFH_FILE_INFO (5066)). Hints?
  8. it looks like gaspare94 isn't a google+ account...
  9. English please (siamo su un sito in lingua inglese...). How? I don't know how to install that sparse set of files...
  10. I'm starting to think I have to throw it away from the window...
  11. Have the system.img file to be bound to the ANDROID item in your scatter file?
  12. Yes it's the same (the original one) I put last time.
  13. Beta? I'm talking about the ORIGINAL rom. Or maybe there is an official acer tool to recovery and reinstall everything?

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