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  1. fillwatertank

    network is repaired on cm7!

    exactly what bladebuddy said. you have to go to GB. baseband 109808. (if there is an official way to downgrade -from your provider/vendor- do that. its usually a dload middle package and a GB dload folder) if not, u have to do the IMEI hack. and install a factory GB (b894 for example.) re-root, install cwm, make a full wipe then install the cm7 zip like other custom roms. make a backup from everything. at first your current rom, and your imei. and make a copy from your backup. (if you are paranoid that doesn't mean that they dont want to catch you) :) read all the howto's from the downgrading and good luck,
  2. fillwatertank

    network is repaired on cm7!

    ok then. drink my wisdom ;) cm7 72mb installer, totally feature rich, fully functional, fast clean; on heavy use 255Mb free ram. cm10.1 is also pretty good, but 130-150 mb installer. fast, clean, but a lot more resource hungry 150-190Mb free ram. actually im a maniac minimalist.-> (my desktop is a dell optiplex 760 @8gb ram, but i use a barebone debian netinstall xfce.(32bit, bigmem kernel) i got everything on it what i need for daily use and its blazing fast, and my memory footprint is 102 MB after boot. the rest of resource is for work, entertain, gaming etc.) so my question is: why walk when you can fly instead? :) (no flame anyway, cm10.1 is also really awesome) gustibus non est disputandum. peace. ;)
  3. fillwatertank

    [ROM][JB] CM10 by Joestone

    maybe he will. but i think he learns a lot during developing this stuff. he can uses those exp, in his future works. so IMO its not useless at all.
  4. fillwatertank

    network is repaired on cm7!

    it didnt want to accept my PIN. after turn off Sim card lock itt uses my gsm network. little, fast, low consumption. the call quality is not so good altough. its the only papercut till now.
  5. dude, this work is really cool. i really like the modularity of your ROM. the smaller the better. (less system app, less autostart services, more horsepower.) and if sy need the extra stuff its flashable. (i have just try a cm7 rom, its only 72MB and fully functional.) so i can say, your direction is really good, for a single core device with 512RAM. keep up the good work. edit: and here is a little help to keep the rom unbloated: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1918484 its a collection of minimal gapps. (just enough stuff for a working market.(Play) its mostly for CM's but maybe work on stock based roms.
  6. Thanks! :ph34r: "our kung-fu is better" :) i think i skip this :P
  7. Ok thanks! :) Anyway. is there a wishlist for the authors?
  8. fillwatertank

    [ROM][JB] CM10 by Joestone

    sure: http://mobilarena.hu/tema/re_huawei_ascend_g300_minoseg_a_kozepkategoriaban/friss.html#msg2731 komments: 7587(earlier version experiences) , 7606, 7618
  9. ok its sill my main rom for daily use. is this better, or the recommended V20?( i havent read any comparison so i cant decide.)
  10. fillwatertank

    [ROM][JB] CM10 by Joestone

    some guys have been tested on the hungarian forum, and they said that its blazing fast, faster than any other g300 CM-s, but the wifi freeze didn't solve. although haven't pull out the battery, it drops a reboot. after freezing :/ (work still in progress.)
  11. yep. i miss the flashlight toggle. no i didnt know that its configurable to long press. (but if you touch the three dots at the end of the toggles, there is a menu where you can set the toggles orders.)
  12. is it possible to turn off/uninstall the toggle-bar in this rom? i would use power toggles instead, and there's no need two kind of toggles
  13. ok i went back to v19 for now. its fine (exept the localization.)
  14. Installed, got a bootloop. i was in v19 then there was a little cm9, now this. is it worth to refresh v21 or v19 stable is good enough?

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