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  1. blaster99999

    coolpad 7320 cwm anyone done it yet

    ive found it and now have updated my recovery to touch cwm
  2. im keeping my v5 as a spare phone but ive just replaced it with a coolpad 7320 , good spec for £80 5.5 inch 1280x1020 dpi , 1 gig ram 8 gig rom , 8core processor dual sim , 2500 mah battery ( have had 2 days out of it ) , gps works spot on unlike the v5
  3. I went for the coolpad 7320 due to 5.5 inch screen and the overall spec for £80cant go wrong and I've not found any major bugs , but I am trying to find a recover.IMG file so I can add cwm and do a backup, I will do some pics later but there are some videos on YouTube which give you a good idea about the phone.
  4. blaster99999

    coolpad 7320 cwm anyone done it yet

    hi im looking for the coolpad 7320 cwm iso file so I can add cwm to my device anyone help??
  5. well ive made the jump to another phone thought my vowney v5 was getting a bit long in the tooth, well I have gone for the coolpad 7320 and it arrived Friday , and installed all my apps and got it as my main phone now , and I have to say so far I am impressed , quick pro and cons below pro fast 8 core so should be no lag 1280/800 res very sharp and very crisp screen/ touch very responsive 13m camera yes very nice light weight battery life ( early days but looks like the 2500mah is enough for most users to last the day) cost £80 lot of phone for money gps tried with co pilot and had lock in side house within 30 seconds, and accurate when on motorway at speed. playstore installed and already rooted gel cases and leather cases available also screen protectors are cheap against size 5.5inch will not be for everyone , says its 7.9mm thickness but is more like 9mm data usage force closes some Chinese apps which I have mange to remove mosr with mobile uncle not stock rom came with coolpads mui preinstalled , but I like most of the changes but some I don't. whats app works but cant get whats app pro to work
  6. blaster99999

    Additional orange ring on lock screen

    Its your data usage , if you look in system settings , data usage , then network u use for internet you will have show on lock screen turned on , u can turn it off if u like or set a data limit which shows with orange ring, so nothing to worry about
  7. the seller as now updated is link too http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/5-Inch-INEW-V3-Mobile-Phone-MTK6582-Quad-Core-1-3GHz-Android-4-2-1GB-16GB/318483_1584649849.html
  8. well funny you should say that because today the seller as come back asking for $10 more to cover postage , pitty cos I thought at that £99 I thought it was really cheap , I have also found it on ebay for £120 but that includes dhl postage so might go for that option now
  9. Balls to it I've found the Inew v3 on aliexpress with free ship all in for £99.50 so gone for one will report back when it arrives .
  10. Just setup a moto g 8gb version which I got for her from tesco £99 , good for the money unlocked using code bought from eBay cost £2. I like the screen very responsive nice nd bright and good crisp screen would say its as good as my vowney v5 , seems fast phone , now what I don't like feels very cheap and no front buttons uses screen buttons so you loose some of the 4.5 inch screen to accomadate the buttons I really don't like that idea at all and find it too easy to catch the home button, I think there's better £100 chinese phones out there to be honest, its a think phone too, but big plus all the software works well and GPS works spot on unlike my vowney.
  11. Same here I like my v5 but need a phone with good GPS the vowney GPS is rubbish, I've found the inew v3 on aliexpress for £100 very tempted to try one only concern is 1830 mah battery
  12. very sexy phone best price I can find is about £120 delivered, and im very tempted
  13. Look at about phone in phone settings think that's where it tells u version on stock ROM you are on , mine came with China ROM on it , I bought from meri mobiles, the slim 3.4 is based on the latest 1.05 stock ROM, but the slim ROM is already rooted.
  14. Don't matter if framaroot is permenant or not when you put a rooted ROM on its rooted, I put slim 3.4 on which is rooted, framaroot only works on zte 967s if on ROM version 1.03,
  15. Look on previous page , I explained how I rooted installed CME and I stalled ROM , without a PC using framaroot to root.

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