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  1. i cant believe i am the next in this club last night i just rebooted the phone it was running perfectly fine but after the phone switched off it didn't came back and i'm just out of warranty so guys just a warning this device can stab you in the back anytime...:( BTW anyone here with the same problem know how much it might cost me to get it repaired at huawei centre...thanks...
  2. the recovery doesn't seem to do a full wipe because i did a full wipe and installed the ROM without Gapps but they are still present in the fresh ROM ....
  3. after the 4th October update I couldn't sign in with Google account it just says couldn't connect to server.... anyone else having this problem..... even after full wipes and latest cwm recovery
  4. no you cannot not in this version....
  5. hi is there anyway to know if your bootloader is officially unlocked apart from random reboot symptom.....
  6. hey folks is there any way to force use external SD card as primary storage as I use titanium backup it matters to me....thanks...
  7. for those who want to change their lockcreen do a little research on Google with " zipthemer and lock screen "...
  8. I use the launcher technique on almost every ROM and it work instantly or after a reboot but it works not sure what's with your device..:)
  9. 1. install any other launcher first apart from nova....then using a root file manager delete nova file from system/app.. then install nova prime .... then delete the other launcher if you want to... 2. search call recorder in play store...usually the first one on the list is best ....other read some comments..... 3.no that never happened to me on any version of slim bean.... so try to reinstall... BTW I use solid explorer....good luck....
  10. thanks and brilliant work as usual.....:)
  11. I read on slimbean official website that it has changed many ui features so my question is whether this 7.8 has those already...or only Bluetooth is fixed...... thanks..
  12. Keshavkrs

    Not sure why this is happening

    try to factory reset I mean install official ics update by dload method and start again from rooting unlocking......gud luck..
  13. I tried the 4.3 camera on slimbean ROM it has the same green screen bug with lag....

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