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  1. My Translation: Google Play Books is currently not available in your Country. We are working on releasing your favorite content in more countries as soon as possible. :( but since you could add your credit card from italy I'll give it a go using a vpn to connect :D
  2. Oh I can buy apps just fine with my swedish credit card, but to buy books, movies etc. I need to have a US-card apparently since it's not yet released world wide!
  3. I really hope this is the answer to my dreams :D I read today that Google will be having a sale again, this time with books etc. Well, since I'm living in sweden I can't access those goodies in the play store but I can use a proxy to get them... the problem is getting some cash into the wallet :D Well since I just bought a Nexus 7 I should be getting the $10 once I get wallet into the device! It's unrooted but I should just be able to copy the patched file into system/apps folder but it doesn't work! I can't copy it to that folder for some reason! I've tried Astro Filemanager, ES_filexplorer and even lifting it in with Airdroid but none work! Any hints?
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