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  1. Just want to report that the freeze and keyboard fix works well on Vi10 Plus: stock Android 20160803 When I installed stock android I replaced the gpt.bin file with the one from stock Remix OS before flashing and I got a full 25gb of storage instead of the default 8gb.
  2. Excellent. Got there in the end. Stock Android with freeze fix and working TWRP. Wish I knew why I couldn't get TWRP to install on stock android the normal way? Thanks for your help and donation sent.
  3. So once I've got TWRP installed and working via Remix OS (I'm having issues installing via Stock Android) then I can just go back into the bootloader and "fastboot flash system system.img" from the stock android folder? Do I also need to "fastboot flash boot boot.img" from the same folder? If so does it matter which I do first?
  4. It would be awesome if you could make a TWRP flashable Stock Android ROM too for those people that prefer android but need fully working HDMI.
  5. No. I'm beginning to wonder if my device has faulty memory. Just re-flashing Remix OS and its hanging at the end of the initial system boot. It worked ok yesterday using the same procedure / files. I can get back to DNX fastboot so I'll try again. So... Remix hung again at the end of the system reboot. Powered off and on again and it finally booted all the way. I installed TWRP and flashed CM12. Then flashed GAPS. TWRP then froze after it had unmounted the system at the end of the gapps install so I had to power off. CM12 then booted up ok but without gapps, so back into recovery and reflash gapps which went cleanly this time and allowed TWRP to reboot. Anyone else have this problem of TWRP hanging or showing 0mb internal storage on Stock Android?
  6. If I follow all the instructions to install TWRP on Remix OS and flash the freezing fix everything works fine. When I try to do the same thing on stock Android when I boot into TWRP it shows the internal memory as 0mb. I've double checked that I'm using all the right files. Stock Android boots up fine before installing TWRP. I used the gpt.bin file from the RemixOS file to get 25GB storage on the stock Android. Could that be the issue? Tried it with the standard stock android gpt.bin and the same thing happens. Internal memory 0mb. It won't let me mount internal memory in TWRP either.
  7. So, if I wanted single boot stock android with full 32gb storage (the current image is only 8gb) then could I just replace the gpt.bin file with the one from the stock RemixOS image? (Sorry it's off topic for Cyanogenmod)
  8. Maybe a dumb question but would the new kernal fix for freezing devices be ok to flash on a vi10 running stock remix or android?
  9. Great news. Well done KonstaT. Is audio via HDMI working now? That's the one thing I need to switch to this ROM.
  10. rob4x4

    China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    I have one. See post #127 of this forum for details. I'm still on AOSP v3 rom. Biggest issue for me is notification LED not working but I can live with that. It takes great photos and GPS works fine. Battery seems to run out quite quickly but I don't think the ROM has been optimised for battery performance. Don't get me wrong, I still get a good 1.5 days of use out of it but I guess I was expecting more. I'm on Three network and get 3g and 4g when available. I made a similar post on xda forum that also lists ROM dev sites if you are interested. Post #80 on this page: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/development/ufficial-thread-lenovo-k3-note-t3102997/page8
  11. rob4x4

    China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    Had a good play with the phone over the weekend. I've installed CWM, rooted and put on Xancin's AOSP v3 ROM: http://www.movilesdualsim.com/tema/custom-rom-aosp-v2-anadida-revision-v3.101635/ So far everything seems pretty good. The real issues that I've noticed so far are: 1. Notification LED does not work. It lights up when charging but otherwise nothing. This is a known issue on all K50 Roms unfortunatley and yet to be solved. You can still get notification sounds. 2. Touch capacitive buttons are not back lit. They never were! 3. BBC iplayer freezes when it tries to stream tv. It plays downloaded programs ok. Catchup TV app works fine though. 4. I couldn't get ringtones to work to start with. Seems you have to have vibrate and ring turned on to get the ringer to work. 5. After a call the screen stayed black until I pressed the home button. I think this is a known issue on all K50 roms These are all issues I've noticed on the custom ASOP V3 ROM. I haven't tried them on the official VibeUI rom.
  12. rob4x4

    China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    My Lenovo K3 Note has arrived! Ordered from here: http://www.to2c.com/lenovo-k3-note-2g-ram-16g-rom.html I used free European registered post option which was actually Netherlands post. It took 11 days to arrive, no customs charges. I took the option to2c.com offer of them repacking it without the box. The idea is that it looks less like a new complete purchase that might attract custom charges. Their re-packing was excellent, probably better protected that the original box. They also included a free car charger and OTG cable (as well as the free case/glass screen protector stated on the web site). They installed Google Play and removed most of the Chinese apps. I would definitely use them again. Tracking data for the package worked after about 5 days and was very good. The postage sticker marked the package as "Phone" with the value of $20. Not had much of a chance to play with the phone yet. Plenty of reviews on the web give lots of detail so I'm not going to write much here. It feels like a well built phone (comparing it to my Nexus 4). GPS fix in the UK took seconds. Camera seems pretty good. Screen is great. I don't like the Vibe OS is comes with but there is an AOSP rom in development on root / custom recovery details here so I'll flash it to that I think http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/development/ufficial-thread-lenovo-k3-note-t3102997 I've also seen detail of an unofficial Cyanogenmod 12.1 ROM in development so fingers crossed for that one. So far I'm really happy with it! :D EDIT: Lenovo K3 Note custom ROMS: http://www.movilesdualsim.com/foros/roms-lenovo-k3.739/
  13. rob4x4

    China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    Mine is in transit. It's coming with a "free" case and screen protectors too. In the reviews on the to2c.com the sellers were promising to send free car chargers and other goodies with it too if the buyer had requested it. Not sure how true that it though. Hope to receive it next week. Still looking to see if I can find a pure android rom somewhere.
  14. rob4x4

    China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    No, it was listed as a free postage option. I could have chosen Singapore HK post as well but the estimated delivery time was much longer. I don't know if EU airmail option is more likely to incur customs charges though. I took the option that to2c.com offer of repacking the phone without the original box so it looks less like a complete new purchase (supposed to help stop customs charges, and knocks $1 off the final price :) ) and they said they would mark the package as low value.
  15. rob4x4

    China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    Its coming from China ($165) via EU airmail (Netherlands post(?). Delivery time is 7-14 working days.

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