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  1. I already tried all the stuff you guys said, less the charging while turned off, I guess I will get it to 0% now and let it charge through the night, I will post the results here tomorrow. Thanks you guys
  2. Allready wiped battery cache, I changed my rom to cm9 and it's kinda better, yet I'm thinking about getting a 2x battery pack so I can handle myself till I'll get another phone... Thanks for the tip anyway
  3. Hey there guys , I am having some trouble with my battery, let's say i somehow deleted my battery log, like the txt file, and ever since then, my phone stopped charging proprerly, wasting lots of battery, etc. I used to let him through the night charging, and waking up with 100% , but now, somehow, it doesn't even charge, it has the icon like it's charging, but very rarelly it does, i have it charging since 4pm , and it's now 2 am , and it still goes with 40% of charge , what can i do ? i have Tejo Sunshine on it.
  4. I would like to know if anybody else has some battery drain issue with this rom , i notticed this display (80%) stuff and i don't know how can i prolong battery life, on wifi lasts for some 4h from 100% to 0 , with everything off, it lasts for some 12 h on hardcore texting and calling.
  5. Anybody can help me ? i am in some deep trouble here :x I am using Cyanscape v2 but as it looks it's full of gaps, so i am trying to install a new rom, but as far as i see, i have lost my root access, z4root blade will not root it again, recovery mode (clockword mod recovery) won't start and FTM mode either, can anybody help me and tell me how can i root my phone again in order to access recovery mode again? :s pleaseeeeeeeeeee
  6. Hey , i am haveing some problems here but it looks to me as i am in some deep sh** , i am using cyanscape v2 custom rom, and the recovery mode doesn't work as well , but besides that, i lost my root access to the phone, and even with z4root_blade , it won't work can you help me ? :(
  7. Hey guys , I installed it normally with wipe data , factory reset and wtv but yet when somebody tries to call me it is like i reject the call , doesn't ring at all , but then the call is like i got the call in the call log, i've tryied everything but it doesn't get fixed, any help? :/

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