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  1. Thanks, that's helpful.... but I do wonder about Iplayer.... I have installed the ARM6 flash player...but when I go to playstore for Iplayer it tells me I need the BBC media player. BBC media player announces it is not compatible with my device. I think this is as it has moved to Adobe AIR as a transport.....and there's no ARM6 support for that..... Have you got iplayer working? Thanks again,
  2. Hi, I bought a Orange SF2 for my daughter. At the moment I have Cyanogenmod7 running on it. searching around I have found various things about what will and wont run, and some are contradictory, so I hope you can help..... My Daughter would like (!) BBC Iplayer, Skype, and the front camera in general working (these young uns seem to like taking photo's of themselves!) I believe that: 1: BBC Iplayer will not work on ANY ROM for the SF2 as the SF2 is ARM6 and since the BBC moved away from Flash for Iplayer we are stuck????? 2: Skype, not sure if is an ARM6 issue, but I think skype video calling will also NOT work on ANY ROM???? 3: The Front Camera, I think will not work on ANY Cyanogenmod rom, but will work on Fish n Chips? As that is a tweaked stock ROM, no Cyanogen version will ever get it working? Not sure if there are other things that "will or wont ever work"..... I'm a fan of cyanogen (got it on my phone and tablet) and was going to move to the new 10.1 ROM, but now I think the front camera will never work, so think I will have to head for FNC......but any advice/correction/suggestions would be most helpful. Thanks in advance.
  3. Must be being dim but can't see how to change user name! wrt original question....from searching about I think it maybe that BBC Iplayer has move to use adobe air and away from flash....and that there is no air release for the armv6 processor in the OSF2? That's where I am - anyone can confirm, or deny, or is there a workaround? Cheers
  4. New to this forum..... Just installed CM7 on the OSF2.....and very pleased. (like CM7 from previous use on HTC HD2). Was trying to get BBC Iplayer to work. Downloaded the flash and iplayer apks from the FnC thread, and installed, but although Iplayer starts and I can navigate, playing video fails and results in an ask to upgrade, and then a "not found" error from google play. If I uninstall the Iplayer from the phone, and simply try to install the iplayer from Google play all I get is a message that my device is unsupported. I was thinking that given the apks available that iplayer would be workable....anyone got it working? Thanks in advance for advice, and thanks for the CM7 port! K

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