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  1. Just there CM 10.1 buggy, and you would have made it stable .... PLEASE!
  2. C3C0, sorry for the stupid question, but can you create a rom for Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Please!!!
  3. How can be transferred to the PIE paranoid 3+ on paranoid 2.63?
  4. hizer07

    best camera app

    I use Camera JB+ (stable on ZTE skate android 4.x.x). Download: http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=366323&st=0#entry14819738
  5. Why not take a paranoid basis of 2.63 from C3C0? This would be stable.
  6. hizer07

    iPhone-iOS ZTE skate

    I use Paranoid 2.62, but I want something more ...
  7. hizer07

    iPhone-iOS ZTE skate

    There is no money, just flash the iPhone would look nice and smoothly on android 4.x.x
  8. hizer07

    iPhone-iOS ZTE skate

    Well somebody make Rom on android 4.x.x in style iPhone, PLEASE!!!
  9. hizer07

    iPhone-iOS ZTE skate

    I need to and set it as a iPhone.....
  10. hizer07

    iPhone-iOS ZTE skate

    I would like to JOYOS on android 4.x.x, he would look just super ...
  11. hizer07

    iPhone-iOS ZTE skate

    I mean port iPhone Rom JOYOS 1.1.4 on android 4.x.x on Russian ...
  12. hizer07

    iPhone-iOS ZTE skate

    I'll just do not Rum, so I ask the developers really need .. On android 4.x.x it would look a lot better than android 2.3.7 ....

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