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  1. people i want install that version in my huawei so if you can help me i want know the good and the bad of this rom :D (soz english)
  2. why dont have for android whyyyyyyyy :(
  3. for now the rom is perfect .. no lag and very good performance. one question. the best filer explorer? i can´t access to the internal memory. :s (sorry my weak english im portuguese :) )
  4. Thank you for your work. I'll test this rom. after I leave here a note on it. For when new update? (if any of course) Cumps,
  5. my huawei with this update is having a worst performance..... Its normal?
  6. People here on the forum. is normal in my huawei in part on the phone saying it is a htc desire hd? (I'm new at this so this question)
  7. But then i can install this version? and how do I install? does not appear normal file update ... : s (I'm still new at this) Thankz
  8. my huawei appears in this version B08 mean a version newer than this?
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