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  1. is there any way to get offline voice recognition working? Thanks for the reply. I flashed Google Now, and I now have the microphone symbol active offline in the jelly bean keyboard, but when I click on it I get a message saying 'Can't reach Google at the moment.' When I go to 'Settings>Language and Input' I get the message 'Unfortunately, Settings has stopped.' Google Now itself is maybe working - at least when I click on Voice Search and ask if it will rain today it says 'yes....'. but in the settings there is nothing about enabling offline voice recognition. I did read the warning about installing Google Now, so I'm not reporting any bugs here, just wondering if anyone has managed to get offline voice recognition working. Otherwise I'll go back to Swype where the (online) voice recognition seems to work better for me.
  2. is there any way to get offline speech recognition to work?
  3. Hi Tillaz, I've installed B06, and everything is working very well, so great work! Question: I understand that the keyboard is Android Jellybean, which is supposed to have offline voice-to-text, but when I go offline the microphone button is greyed out and doesn't work. When I go online on the other hand, the voice-to-text works, but is happening in real-time (rather than fetching results from a server) and is quite poor (as if it is in fact offline which maybe behaves like that). I've tried using English (US) rather than English (UK) with no difference. I also tried to install the LatinImeGoogle.apk that you posted some posts back, but it wouldn't install saying that there was already something with that name but with a different signature. Would be grateful for any clarification about this - I am a complete noob with smartphones. I would really like some way of getting voice-to-text working offline in some way (I didn't find any other keyboards that have this).
  4. Hi, I installed B05, everything is mostly working fine. But after installing the zip to 'remove MTP', OTA is showing me being back on version B01 and there is an update (B05) available (it's also showing my device as 'ace'). Have I done something wrong?
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