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  1. G600, announced by Huawei France yesterday in Paris : november, € 269 ( £ 216 ).
  2. @syscode sometimes the wrong side, sometimes the right side, that's life. "Tchin, tchin"
  3. Does anyone already buy a device here : http://realpricesfro...-xiaomi-m2.html (chinese seller), trustworthy or not ? guarantee ? Thanks.
  4. D1 quad XL in France : available starting half-november in Phone House Store, 449 € , circa 360 £ http://www.frandroid.com/actualites-generales/112407_huawei-donne-les-disponibilites-de-ses-smartphones-en-france/
  5. Hi syscode, hum...aren't you unhappy not to have to pay with Euro in UK ? i'm kidding. But you could pay more with Euro! (i don't see where the smileys are, lol !) In Germany, the prices are usually still lower : Amazon ...
  6. Wiko Cink Slim : in France not available before 15 days (no more stock), for example here http://www.ldlc.com/navigation/wiko+cink+slim/
  7. Hello everybody, if someone will download the french B926 ROM (ICS 4.0.3), it is available here ( "téléchargement" ) : http://www.huaweidevice.fr/telephones-mobiles/smartphones/honour , there is also a PDF doc who gives some instructions. A "small" new ROM B927 appeared yesterday, but we don't know yet officially from Huawei France what it brings (at least, it seems Google Chrome and Google Play Books :)).
  8. Wiko Cink Slim ? Yes, it is ... but "what did you expect" : Nr 5 Chanel ? awesome and not so easy to pronounce :D.
  9. honix

    Review of D1

    Well, so we'll wait for it also in France :) ! Thanks for your news, Weckl.
  10. Hello everybody, "anyways there are more dual SIM phones on the way soon" yes, it is : in France we 've heard about "Wiko Cink Slim" http://forum.frandroid.com/topic/119980-wiko-cink-slim/, release starting october 4th.
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