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  1. unknown_android

    Invalid IMEI After Recovering

    Any suggestions folks? I have used mobileuncle to repair a damaged IMEI on another handset, however on the stock rom of the new phone it doesn't work. I've never experienced losing the IMEI this way and anything I try, it doesn't work.
  2. unknown_android

    Invalid IMEI After Recovering

    Hi Folks, I had some issues with google play today with a new handset, so I put the device into recovery and reovered the device. Upon restarting it came up saying the IMEI had become corrupt and since shows a "Invalid IMEI" at the bottom of the lock screen. I've done a similar thing in the past with another handset, however this was caused by flashing a rom. I used mobileuncle to repair that handset, however I have tried to the same with the new device and although it says it's worked - Upon restarting I get exactly the same message about invalid IMEI. I have tried MKTools - This also says that it's been success, however after restarting it still says "null" and the the "Invalid IMEI" still shows. Can anyone suggest any other ways? The handset is Lenovo A808T. I'd greatly appreciate if someone could advise me.
  3. unknown_android

    Text Mismatch Mms.apk

    I've read on the dev site how to fix the issue by decompling the Mms.apk, however would anyone have a fixed version which they could back up and link me to? I dare not mess around with anything that I don't understand completely.
  4. unknown_android

    Alternative battery

    Thank you very much mockingbird! I will try this for sure. :)
  5. unknown_android

    Alternative battery

    I don't know, mine doesn't last that long for sure. A friend told me awhile CPW put a weaker battery in the one's they sold off cheaply, I don't know how true that is but I was hoping someone might know about these higher capacity batteries. I'll probably just get one and report back. Ps. Due to work commitments (media) I have to rely on my phone for longer than 12hours without the chance of charging. I personally think it's wasteful buying a new handset for the sake of it, hence why I've tried to tweak it. I am more than happy with the device but the battery since moving roms, it's a little poorer and before that on stock it wouldn't cope. Thanks for replying.
  6. unknown_android

    Alternative battery

    That's your opinion, it's also more than enough for you. It certainly isn't for me or the demand I put on my phone, I carry a backup charger to save my phone from dying. What's the point in your comment? Ps. My specs in my phones booklet states the battery as 1500mAH buut GSMarena says '1730mAh'. Where is 1950 from? lol
  7. I've noticed certain sites selling higher mAh batteries for Y300. Anyone tried using one? I'm just curious, as the sites do have reviews where people seem to be happy and yes it's mostly Chinese websites. I don't buy into 'unsafe' and 'not to trusted' but I am wary. Currently I find the regular 1500 battery to be 'acceptable' and I am keen to increase it if I can. I would appreciate feedback, thanks!
  8. Great rom, though I am having issues with Youtube (poor quality) and BBC Iplayer sound jitters (pictures perfect). My Wi-Fi seems to stick on 2 bars, it's always usually full or 3.
  9. unknown_android

    Rom - (OptimusDAY 1.5)

    A kernel that supports swap would also be beneficial.
  10. I have the Y-300 I've unlocked the bootloader, I've installed different version of the recovery but none of them allow the touch to work, I don't see how I can use it. I've tried following the suggestions to fix this, I downloaded the "InstallTWRP" zip and folder, ran the install bat. Same issue, touch is no existent. Also downloaded "TWRP-LEWA" and tried running the install.bat but it couldn't find my device oddly. Any suggestions? -Edit- I followed some instructions elsewhere, someone else had the same problem and it's resolved it for me.
  11. unknown_android

    Lewa OS 4.1.2 ROM

    Hows the ram usage?
  12. I deleted one of my lock screens by mistake, this replaces my sliding one but it's improved. (I've gotten some of my memory back also) Does the toggle music player only work with a certain app? I don't have a music player on my phone yet.
  13. unknown_android

    Customizing stock rom

    There's a ram app Swapper for Root, I use it but I'm not sure if there's any improvement. I tried the Swapit one, though it doesn't work due to the kernel. Will have to wait. Thanks
  14. unknown_android

    Lewa OS 4.1.2 ROM

    Do you have to use the chosen launcher provided by the rom in order to keep the low ram usage? I think I'll wait before trying anything, I prefer to get the full gist and see what others say, though it's defiantly worth watching.
  15. This is my first android phone, however I am used to doing things for other people (so I'm not all that new). I've been trying to find out if it's possible to move the cache to sd, as I am happy with everything else about my phone. It's just that if I use Twitter, Facebook and Browse a little, my memory goes quite low. It doesn't really run 'slow' but It doesn't seem to handle multletasking, so I thought there might be away to move the cache in order to increase it's performance. Yet, I can only find tutorial for phones which use Custom Roms or C-Mod. Anybody know if it's possible?

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