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  1. Hello , Already thank you for this rom, but I was wondering, how do we ensure that you use the phone's internal memory instead of the SD? (for example, pictures taken) Thank you.
  2. Hello , Thanks , i try when that the caméra working !
  3. You had reason, I just had ADB launches before starting the flash. Thanks, good day! (Sorry for the other thread)
  4. Not , recovery e3 is blue ,I saw all thead pinned + CWM is installed to my device, i saw a folder "ClockworkMod" in my SD .
  5. Yes i unlocker my bootloader , recovery e3 is installed
  6. Hello , I wanted to install CWM on my g300, but I install the third recovery that makes me errors. I install cwm above except that it can not boot. (even via recovery manager) I reinstall ICS Installation via SD, but the recovery is still there .. Someone an idea to remove it? I would go under custom rom thank you in advance, (Sorry for my bad english, use google translate)
  7. Hi, I try to install cwm on my g300 (http://www.modaco.co...d-25092012-b06/ to install), but its telling me "failed command not allowed ' Anyone know where it can come? (Sorry for my bad english , i am french)
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