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    ZTE V970 Review

    @ddavidswe who did you buy it from? Cheers!
  2. syscode

    ZTE V970 Review

    Hi, An interesting review and a phone to match.. Which network did you use it with, and how easy or hard was it to set? I hear that some networks do not even provide the correct connection details for phones they do not have in store.. How much did they charge - if anything - in customs? Also, the aliexpress seller you have used, are they infact being recomended here? Cheers!
  3. @it - many thanks for the info re o2 and ascend g300 - now despite their best efforts, i can internet as well! :) cheers!!
  4. yup. would be interesting to try and share such info in a proper way.
  5. Anyone with personal experience dealing with chinese phone shops? Hard to tell for a nub which is a real deal, and which is a bad one..
  6. I see that http://www.aliexpress.com/ is saying that they act as an escrow agency - witholding funds until everyone's happy. Any experiences? How best to choose a shop on http://www.aliexpress.com/ site..?
  7. Hi, Been looking for a new anroid mobe for a while now. Seems like its hard to tell which online retailers will sell you a bad of hot air, and which will sell the phone you actually want.. Are there any retailers to most definitely avoid, or use? Are there any escrow services for buying a phone from a rather unknown source..? Cheers!!
  8. @honix its a running joke this side of the channel that compair to the rest of eu - we keep getting the wrong side of the bargain.. ;) cheers!
  9. £17 off, but is it that bad? http://hotmid.com/xiaomi-phone-mione-m1-miui-os-1-5ghz-dual-core-4-inch-capacitive-tocuh.html
  10. @honix - thanks for the link! http://www.ldlc.com/navigation/wiko+cink+slim/ Interesting that on the above site, liquid gallant is at the more palatable price of roughly £148 equivallent.. eg - http://www.ldlc.com/fiche/PB00135214.html Do we always have to pay more in the uk..? cheers!
  11. I see where you come from. however, when people read and calculate the dufference with other phones, eg the h 300, then the gap is 60, not 50, and its hard to tell where people's red lines are.. Anyhow, the price jump made me consider other devices. both because it was a sudden and arbitrary one, and because it made the phone seem less of a bargain..
  12. The article is a bit out of date considering expansys.com just slapped a £160(ish) price tag on the mob.. The alternatives mentioned do now look more interesting.. cink slim - cool name heh?? - and JIAYU G3/JY. Only question is really where is safe and reputable to get these from..
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