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  1. dude, I am not claiming or opening threads about roms I build. I cannot build them. On the other hand, lots of you have no idea of how complete and working CM rom feels like. This aint it. I had alpha CM roms on HD2 (this I can vouch for) working better then these "release candidates". I am telling you, and everyone else, if this was viable RC it would be on XDA, not on Modaco only. To you it might feel like something great, but to us that know better this feels sub-par and dazzozo know it, he just beats the bush around it claiming that support is low for g300 (true but he knew it from the start).
  2. browser gets FC on random links, even google images, google search, wiki...For 10 pages I visited I got 3 FC from default browser.
  3. and other guys have also benched it, they are recognized developers from XDA and they say it is not better. What now? Trololol... Who is Fagulhas anyway, where are his bench results? Why didn't you at least linked them? I linked at least two spreadsheets proving you and fagulhas wrong. You linked none. Yes, he should know. He improved his CM10 making some apps not work at all, and a lot them crashing and most of basic features are...well...borked. If he knew better he would never have released this zombie CM10 pre-alpha thing. He did give A reason, linking touchscreen optimizations to ondemand governor (witch is not the same as I/O scheduler fyi). I tried it. Touch screen behaves the same, or at least with no obvious difference between smartassv2 and ondemand. Obvious difference is that phone works better with smartassV2 + sio then ondemand + noop. another obvious thing is that typing is hell on CM10. Yes, even with stock kbd. dude, there are no other devices, those results are just measured with different device. Governor and scheduler control android behavior and behavior of clock speeds. They are not written (standard ones) for specific devices in mind, that's the whole point. Those devices do not have different software, they run on linux android. Get a grasp on your s*** before you go into convo about s*** you have no clue about. It's basics, read up on governors and schedulers. And ffs post those benchmark results that you speak of, without that it just a "good story bro", I posted results. yes it does in this case unless something is specifically designed for some thing. Jeez. You trust the person who borked your led notifications? Good for you. Truth? Did I say they lied? Who mentioned lies? What are you on about? Dazzozo says cm9 RC5 is working better then RC3, yet, we all know it is not so. Does he use g300 all day long for common stuff? Does he keep his g300 online without reboot for 2-3 days? No? Truth-lie? Does it matter? He is doing his best, I thank him. But CM9 rc3 IS better then cm9 rc5 he just can't accept that. I thank him for cm9 rc3. Best rom he has made so far. Truth is in grey shades, sorry. well, you see there is a problem. He only said that after you and I started this discussion. Not before. I had no reason to stick with something so basic and default as ondemand. When he said what he did I said I am going to give it a try. I was not backpedaling , I acknowledged his statement and went to try it out. It makes no difference in "real world". If he had mentioned it in posts 1 and 2 that ondemand was preferable because of bla bla, I would have left it there and tested it out first before going onwards to the stuff that usually works best (including all other CM mods). So you assumed wrong again. you called yourself out. I gave a general advice that is usually given and is usually preferred. At the time I had no knowledge of ondemand being modified in this cm10 rom and tied to some other features. If I knew, I would have probably given the same advice as you, but with argument as to why. you are just a smartass like I am, you value nothing short of what you learned yourself or do yourself. It's just a matter of who knows more and does more. We both can admit our mistakes and learn something more, but we sometimes just choose not to because it is no fun :D
  4. with a 7mb/s write speed it is epic fail storage. They saved a dollar on that instead of putting 10+MB/s ram. How close is that to cheapest class 10 sd cards with 10mb/s write speeds (priduced in China)? So yea, humpty0dumpty indeed. And yes, I was wrong about them being separated, I said that before and I am glad that I was corrected because I learned something new, and that's always worth it :) The thing is, most of the time only "cheap" China phones have this internal SD storage business, you won't see moto, sammy or HTC with that stuff. It is internal storage and that's that. No funky business that tries to mislead customers into thinking that they get internal SD (because obviously they do not). emmc is on cm9 rom, not on huawei stock rom, as far as naming goes. Samsung devices have separate emmc? I am no expert but I have only seen tablets with it, no phones. Besides, I don't have anything against it as long as it is fast. 7mb/s internal storage write speed on g300 is shamefully slow. I wouldn't put that on a 1$ device because it slows things down a lot. replace it with 15mb/s and see the device take of! :) In reality you do use a lot of write speed time when doing stuff. self-righteous denial? Sure buddy, sure. I'd say I have no illusions about some things. Is CM10 RC1 great? No, it is far from great. It is barely usable for me. I will never write a post "hey, this rom is great! Perfect!" because it's not. s*** doesn't work, basic s***, like, led notifications. Yea, I am in denial, okay. I do know it will be fixed so no worries there. I just wish more people where interested in making CM for g300 and huawei in general. cheers ;)
  5. 1. believe him? I haven't seen his results but I see no reason not to believe him. But, are you saying that bedalus and his crew are laying or posting fake results? (there are spreadsheets linked in the post that I linked) I hope you see how your question is inappropriate. :/ 2. Every kernel is "optimized" for ondemand, thus it is a default governor on 99% of android mobile devices. SmartassV2 should be better then prehistoric ondemand. Personally, for me, smartassV2 + simple (sio) works better then ondemand + noop. However, if there are additional stuff such as touch response linked to ondemand I will use it of course. So far, on cm10, I tried ondemand and smartassv2 and touch response is...the same, keyboard behavies strange when you type fast on either of them and generaly CM9 was more responsive on touch. I will reserve my final judgment until a more stable cm10 is released. Also, I don't understand your remark about different devices. What does it matter what device it is? Differences are clear and obvious where there are any. On faster devices difference will be bigger or will at least remain the same ratio, on slower it will be lower or retain the ratio. Makes sense? am I numpty? Well, if I am not taking everything for granted like you are, if I get my info from more then one source unlike you, I guess I am. And proud to be that in the eyes of the likes of you. (for those who do not know what "numpty" means - it means mentally challenged. But he choose to toss "numpty" instead of the real meaning because he thought it will be cute or less offensive or something. :) Paul, I don't get offended on the internet. You might as well write "retarded", I don't care ;) )
  6. well, that's a matter of opinion. For instance Zeppelinrox (creator of supercharger V6 script, kickass kernelizer etc) rates them sio>deadline>noop>cfq and ondemand governor, in my personal experience, works good but drains battery more then smartassv2 edit: This guy also did benchmarks and summed it up here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1470247
  7. smartassv2 + sio. (put min cpu speed at 300mhz to prevent lags from sleep)
  8. That would explain it, yes. PS. I am not doubting him, like I said I am just curious if those things will result in more apps not working properly because so far, lots of them don't (es file explorer, go sms pro, go contacts, smart keyboard pro, swift keyboard, lg camera etc)
  9. I am not sure if I understand you. You yourself said that you will do nothing to modify the way cyanogen mod works or looks except for the parts that have to be modified in order for it to work on g300. If lcd density changer works on (and I have tried this) on CM10 for HTC Sensation and HTC HD2, (and probably all/many other CM10, these just happen to be the ones I have access to) how come it won't work on yours? Surely you have done something to it that isn't done in "original" cm10? Why did you decide to mod some parts of CM and not the others? I am just curios, density can be changed in build.prop anyway, so your improvements have nothing to do with preventing it work ^^, but why can't the app work on your cm10? It makes me wonder if the same improvement will stop some other apps from working, that is why I ask. If it prevents certain apps from working - how can we consider that as an improvement? o.O I highly doubt that CM10 devs have anything against users changing the virtual screen size...
  10. it works in cm10, just not in yours :P like I said, CM10 for htc hd2 - lcd density changer works fine. There is also a fix for google play, but that is beside the point.
  11. stock roms indeed give higher scores in antutu and qudrant. 1228mhz on cm10 rc1 4607 antutu latest on my g300
  12. it's not slow, it's faster then ICS but antutu doesn't benchmark anything that isn't relevant to playing games. Does antutu measure redraws in launcher? No. Does it measure speed of project butterknife (which alone makes CM10 faster in UI then any other ROM outhere)? No. Will games work better with ICS stock? Probably. Will your phone be snappier with cm10? It will be a world of difference.
  13. easy thing to do and maybe it helps you debug things: install ES file explorer, open it. Fix it. ( :) just a joke ) I assume every other app freezes for the same reason. If it is a freeze at all since pressing buttons such as pressing "back" twice will exit the app like it would normally do. GO contacts -> scrolling through the contacts using letters on the right side also freezes the scrolling, you can see letters change on the bar but nothing happens regarding the scrolling of the contacts themselves. you need to kill the app to get even normal scroll to work. In the mean time, notification bar may or may not freeze (not even clock updates on it). ES file explorer can be used if HW overlay is dissabled from developer menu. However, this does not fix the freeze in GO contacts. So those might be separate issues. I hope this helps.
  14. I installed it from the market and it works. I wasn't aware there are problems with it? I sent/received dozens of sms already, no problem.
  15. well at least with handcent sms you have notification light for sms unlike stock sms or go sms... :S These CM iterations seem to have notification light problems. Note that in handcent sms only notification light that works is the "default" one set for flash speed. If you choose any other - bye bye notification light.
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