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    Apps stopped working

    Hello all, I've rooted my Gallant Duo a few weeks ago. It was running just fine until yesterday. Some apps began to crash at launch, with the message (App ... stopped working). All the factory apps run fine. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall the faulty ones. In some cases, choosing sd card or memory usb as default storage before install make a difference. I've restored the few apps (google+, meteo) previously uninstalled using titanium backup, and tried to make a factory reset, but both change nothing..... I just wonder if making a fresh install of the stock rom (though it's not yet available from acer or other sources) is not the right way to go to solve my problem. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks in advance. Lolo PS: sorry for my bad english spoken!!
  2. Isn't there problem to restore a backup from someone else phone? I'v read that a guy has big problems with bad IMEI codes, after restoring from a backup found on the web...

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