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  1. For the problem with HOME key: You have to go to system root > system > usr > keylayouts and find the file Generic.kl Open it with text editor and change the key 102 to "HOME" instead of "HOME_BACK" than find the line key 172 and put the # before it...It should looks like "#key 172 HOME" Save and reboot, after reboot it should work fine...same thing goes for PAC-MAN ROM if you have the same issuse. Cheers! ;)
  2. I've got some problems with metering 3G data usage...seems like it does not working. I've tried a few different (data usage counter) apps and nothing. Also I've noticed that 'data usage' is missing in settings panel... Do you have idea why data usage counting doesn't work??? Basicaly it's not a big deal but i woud like to know if some apps using 3G more than I expect from them <_< btw this new update works perfect, fast and smooth...thumb up! :)
  3. Really nice ROM with great performance and no bugs!!! I've tried it and I'm staying on it for sure!!! :) I would like to know is there some ways to turn-off/delete the camera shuter sound? Also, it would be great if you add some built in (or optional) feature for DPI scaling. It's not mandatory but scaling to 200-220 would be really great...
  4. How can I add Google Now on this rom? Is that even possible??
  5. i appreciate your hard work and dedication, C3C0! please, can someone add a few screenshots?

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