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  1. I sold my G300 yesterday :(
  2. I've never had a reboot with CM10 to my knowledge. Had several every day with CM9!
  3. Has anyone successfully changed the theme on this rom? I tried one from the Play Store but it didn't quite fit the screen properly. We need hdpi themes don't we? Thanks Pete
  4. I rooted mine from stock b952 a couple of days ago. Just follow the instructions in the 'explained like you're 5' thread.
  5. Thanks Daz, I've come back to this rom now most of the bugs have been ironed out. The only problem I've had so far is the call audio quality. It's almost impossible to understand the caller. I don't make many calls so maybe there is a setting I should change?
  6. The same way you flashed CM10. Wipe everything then install ROM and Google Apps (ICS version). I reckon there might be a new CM9 very shortly :)
  7. I'm one of the viewers and I don't know the answer. Do you want me to just make something up? I'm sure someone will help if they can. Be patient.
  8. I have a Nilkin one. It's not that good for the price. Even a gentle drop on a table will break bits off, leaving a sharp edge.
  9. So he should be. Plenty of time when the in-laws have gone home :-)
  10. pepdavies

    Dead pixels

    I'm pretty sure that they have a set number of pixels that can fail before they have to replace it. Not news you want to hear, I know
  11. pepdavies

    Best ROM out there? Any suggestions.

    Stock plus gets my vote
  12. Merry Christmas from sunny Devon
  13. I've subscribed to a few threads, mainly CM9 and CM10, so I can hear about any updates etc. I seem to only get email notifications for two or three days then they stop. Is this normal or have I got a setting wrong? Thanks for your advice :)
  14. I don't think there will be any more updates to this one

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