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  1. @votdfak...nope, gave up. Posted on Wallet's Google+ page, here is their response: Google WalletYesterday 12:57 PM +Matthew Harmon We're sorry to hear you're unable to use Google Wallet on your phone. Verizon has chosen not to support Google Wallet at this time. We are in active conversations with all carriers and hope to make Google Wallet available on more devices, across more carriers soon. Here is the full thread: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+GoogleWallet/posts/AojFuhiEQDx Too bad, it is such a great technology that can't be used.
  2. Can anyone help me out? I have a Galaxy Nexus running AOKP build 3. I've installed Wallet per the instructions here, but when I go to add a card, I keep getting 'Card Failed'. This is with multiple types of cards. I have reset wallet a few times. It has worked in the past, however, since the update from Google/Verizon, I have not been able to get one of the patched wallets to work. Any help?
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