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  1. lostboybinns

    receiving call delay on stock rom?

    I wondered if it was just me, guess not
  2. lostboybinns

    [ROM][20.1] Aurora Borealis RLS1 (Android 4.0.4)

    Im really loving this device (came from a g300). The only thing Ive noticed so far is slow wifi download speeds. This rom is awesome. Im nont even gonna bother with the cyanogen efforts.
  3. lostboybinns

    [ROM][20.1] Aurora Borealis RLS1 (Android 4.0.4)

    I've had over 2 days on a charge. Did you install with full wipes first
  4. lostboybinns

    [ROM][20.1] Aurora Borealis RLS1 (Android 4.0.4)

    Contacts, settings, sort by, last names #facepalm
  5. lostboybinns

    [ROM][20.1] Aurora Borealis RLS1 (Android 4.0.4)

    I've just come from a g300. This rom seems brilliant after my first days use. Thanks a lot
  6. Doh, Ive joined the club
  7. Today, Ive had to pull the battery three times as the screen was blank and nothing came on screen no matter what I did. The fourth pull has resulted in nothing! The phone doesnt boot at all, no splash screen, no vibrate.....is it hopeless? I was on stock+ when it initally started playing up but was installing cm9 when it finally died. I had installed the rom via cwm and had clicked reboot. I left the phone to boot but it was dead when I finally picked it up :-(
  8. :-( think its finally died. Wont turn on or charge :'-(
  9. Never had too many problems but today I've had to do two battery pulls.... Hhhmmm
  10. lostboybinns

    HTC one v owner

    My phone seems to be slowing right down. Opening contacts and messages is especially slow at times. Any advice? Are there any better custom roms or there? Cheers
  11. That rocket player is not brilliant either. I get sound glitches if I do anything else while playing music and if I'm in the car on the move
  12. I just seem to not receive some from people randomly now and again
  13. I to am having text message problems. I'm with virgin who use orange and t mobile, didn't come from a clean install
  14. can we have a rom with the default set as internal from the kick off

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