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  1. Dazzozo: Thank you for your great rom, I really like it It´s nearly without bugs if you use another camera app (like Camera JB+) Many many thanks, you are the best
  2. Download it and install (if you are brave enough) and then report back
  3. I thought the sgs support 720p recording and it has a 1GHz processor too, so where is the problem?
  4. Hm why not? Is it the GPU? What does unstable mean?
  5. So in the end there is no possiblity to enable 720p video-recording?
  6. but i see this community is not helpfull and gets easily angry... only a few people are ok
  7. no im NOT his brother and i didnt asked for any etas i asked IF he will release CM10 (android 4.1.2) or only CM10.1(android 4.2) if its ready
  8. hey, can i flash google now from Tillaz (i know i can do it but will it work)? has anyone done this?
  9. i was on this forum and asked exactly the same question and if i could help i would do it but im noob in coding android (i have never done this)... and i have school so i dont have much time BTW what is eta?
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