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  1. Wow. I've only just noticed that my Play Store hasn't been updating on this ROM. What patch did you find? I might do a clean install and try to switch to opengapps. Edit: I just downloaded the latest Play Store APK from XDA and overwrote it. Seemed to work fine.
  2. I might be late to this party but does anyone know if it's possible to buy from Aliexpress anymore without going through the whole Alipay system of sending them Photo ID and Proof of Address? Chipped another case from dropping it. Still no effect on the F1 though :) Or is there another site that's similarly priced for phone cases? Thanks.
  3. I was just starting to think about getting a new phone and pass this one along to someone :) Would any of you guys with the x600 give us a quick comparison with F1? Just the basics (camera,battery, etc) and overall happiness? It would be interesting to hear.
  4. The ROMS are zip files. Extract them on your computer (or on your phone) and just copy the audio files to the relevant folder in the new ROM. Usually a sub folder of system/media. The same goes for apps.
  5. This isn't exactly what you're asking but I've switched over to Rocket Dialer and Contacts for specifically that reason.
  6. Separately. There's a zip to flash somewhere around the threads. I can upload it somewhere if there's any problem with finding it. On the older Maucat it replaced the standard Android camera but on this version it installed alongside it. I have Coolpad, Kitkat, LG, Lenovo and Candycam (much smaller filesizes so good for sending/emailing quick snaps) camera apps so I probably need to reduce that down :) They each have their uses though. Also, I'm pretty sure I was on the same A310 ROM as you.
  7. Just for the record, I changed back to the most recent Maucat. Sound is definitely louder. And all the LED colours work. Don't notice much else that's different tbh. I have Nova set up that I like and use on every ROM. Battery might possibly be a little better on Maucat? Not 100% on that though. The Coolpad Camera is good. The 20mpx one doesn't work on this I don't think but it's still good.
  8. Is there a setting for controlling the LED that I'm missing. If the screen is on, the LED for charging is off. Can I change this? Also, when I set the color for the led when charging as blue, red somehow still over rides it. I can see the blue is there because when I plug it out the blue stays on longer than the red but I can't turn the red off. I was using light flow that is installed but I've never liked that and am using Xled on Xposed.
  9. I got bored so I did it anyway like I described :) Seems to work pretty well. I wouldn't try it with system apps obviously but the method I wrote above worked perfectly for me and was much faster. I mean I assume what I did is what apps like Helium and Titanium do automatically. But I'd prefer to stay away from that as there have been reports of Titanium not reinstalling apps correctly. Seems to work fine with just the Titanium data restore. I did as I described with the sd card too. Only left my music, picture and backup files on the card and deleted the rest on my laptop with a card reader, the booted to recovery.
  10. General flashing question - If I backup my apps in Titanium,then copy all the apk files that I want from the data/app folder (or whatever equivalent in each ROM, I think it changes slightly in some of them) to my SD card. Then flash, including the correct wipes, put the apks back in that folder, restart, restore data from Titanium. Will I end up with any problems? Is this a good or a bad idea to shortcut re-installing apps? Also, do you delete folders on your SD card (system folders, like the Android one, not media folders) between wipes? Cheers
  11. Think that's MobileUncle Tools but I've never seen the max over 160. What ROM is it? Was it that value since you flashed it?
  12. And am I missing something or is this one 1.3GHz as opposed to our 1.7GHz? F1 Plus and now this one both seen very underwhelming.
  13. Any improvement on sound with you? Think I'm going to go back to Maucat if I can't get louder volume. Didn't realise how much I use the speaker until I couldn't use it anymore.
  14. Installed the Pro Camera apk from the main thread with the same result but I then Uninstalled Updates in the App Settings and now have Coolpad Camera working, though not the Pro version. Happy with that result.
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