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  1. Try re-checking the battery after switching off the phone, removing the battery and putting it back in after a minute or so. I had a similar problem with an earlier upgrade and that got solved just by doing this. My standby discharge rate (measured by BetterBatteryStats) is about 0.6% per hour with my Bluetooth headset+watch connected, with GPS, and Network on.
  2. Yah. Nokia, they have pretty awesome build quality; starting from the very first I had a 2100 in 1994 :P and in those days you could use them as a weapon, pretty much. Never had a SGS II but I have always heard good things about it even when it was being compared to the S3 or the Note II. The Note II is undoubtedly pretty good and it may survive in some situations when challenged but after what I just went through and spending more money on it, I am not so sure I would recommend these devices, gorilla or no gorilla. I have always maintained in these forums before too that you should use a scratch guard as well, because it's costs absolutely nothing if you compare it with the cost of the new glass now. My new one has one too, though it's not the same brand or quality as the earlier one. Let me know, I am thinking it stopped working because of either my factory reset / upgrade to 4.1.2. Of course all the other words are recognized, just the local names have an issue - for example a name like Rajesh, gets interpreted as radish or ladish and yet sometimes it works. Pretty dumb. I am now trying out something called EVA that seems to have much more features and stuff, so maybe I will use that.
  3. BTW my SVOICE has went south after the 4.1.2 update. No longer recognizes any of the Indian names and comes up with wierd suggestions. Is yours working okay? Or maybe mine is messed up. After a factory reset it worked for 2 days perfectly then went back to the same habit. Trying out EVA now; seems to be interesting.
  4. Even my N900 took a bad fall few months back on the tarred road face down and no damage, beyond small nicks on the body. I have got a flip cover over the new screen now. Though it may not protect it much but I figured it might be better than the screen lying bare. Of course the bigger problem is the replacement screen is also in shortage not every body has it.
  5. So much for Gorilla Glass huh. Got it changed yesterday. They change the whole LCD panel front and it costed me 6800 bucks from official Samsung service centre. Yes, it breaks.. rather shatters, will post a pic later here. Please be careful.
  6. Well.. well.. bad new year. Broke my Note 2 screen after a ceramic tea cup fell on it :(
  7. My battery life seems to have gone down after the update. What about you?
  8. Guys, just a small update. If you like Svoice and use it a lot, like I do. DON'T DO FACTORY RESET. It will mess up and will stop recognizing contacts, especially Indian ones. Struggled for 5 days to get it fixed. Ugh!
  9. I know but it breaks if you switch on accessibility (did you try that?). Maybe that's fixed also, I think it's more refined I think.
  10. Some more info and a changelog. http://www.android.gs/android-4-1-2-ota-update-international-galaxy-note-2-note-2-lte-released/
  11. Not related but just found HTC phones charging much slower with Samsung charger. Weird.
  12. Yikes! I feel for you dude. Samsung guys really messed up. You should take up this issue with Samsung directly, because the service centers should get rebuked for this kind of stuff. I have had similar experiences with Sony Ericsson which is why I never buy their phones irrespective of how cheap or cool they are; not worth it IF you have to go to the service center. The problem is also because Samsung and other companies now outsource their service, so it's not always in their best interest to please the person who sent his phone. Apple is a different story. I have owned Mac's and their service is exemplary, because they don't really repair anything, it's mostlyreplace this part, or that part and if you can't .. then replace the whole thing - period. But, Apple products are expensive and irrespective of what every one thinks they fail as well and when they do repairs cost a bomb. I have two Macbooks sitting with catching dust for the same reason, which failed outside their warranty. Their products have design faults that sometimes we pay for. In short, no company is immune but if you are unlucky you get some place like in your case and you hate the company for ever. What I suggest is this. Take this issue up with Samsung directly. You will have to spend sometime but you bought phone worth over 700$, so that's something they need to take care of. Tell them you will never ever buy any Samsung product in life. And that's worth more than 700$. I noticed you are on Twitter, send them a Tweet. It's a good phone; damn it even locks on GPS sitting in my jeans pocket. Can't beat that. Don't let the service center ruin your experience.
  13. The iPad charger is a 10W charger (2A x 5V) so that should work - iPhone charges perfectly with it as well. So, you should be okay with charging the Note2. However, that said I have been using the Samsung charger as the main charger for all USB stuff - phones, bluetooth, watches and everything is working fine. See how the replacement works. I agree with the Samsung service part. That's one reason, I don't buy a Samsung device, which might require service like TVs, Washing Machines etc. However, some have had great experiences, so, you and I might be rarities. PS: I still wonder why everyone compares the iPhone 5 with the Note 2. They are not in the same class from any angle. I could never do the things I could do with the Note 2 on the iPhone for example. Or maybe we are only talking about the phone aspect.
  14. I haven't timed mine from 0-100, but I don't think it's 4 hours, considering it's usually goes to 50-100 in less than an hour. Maybe you could get a replacement for your charger from Samsung (they are covered in 6 months warranty) if you think that's faulty, maybe the battery has an issue. I haven't seen any other 2A chargers other than a few on Flipkart, which are out of stock and ridiculously expensive. I would suggest getting it checked by Samsung, if you have warranty. On second thoughts, maybe the samsung tablet chargers should also work.

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