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  1. Hello. I've flashed this rom again after an unsuccessful attempt, with storage SD problems and some notification bar freeze. This time I've wiped the device and flashed the rom with TWRP After almost 10 days I had only few random reboots when I've OC to 1190 Mhz but no problems with SD, camera, games, and so on. Now I came back to 1008 Mhz and I had not reboots yet. I use Nova Launcher Prime and HD Widgets. Actually I've not disabled HW overlays. The rom works very well. Thank you Dazzozo ! :)
  2. I've tried R2 release. Everything OK, fantastic rom, nice UI, smooth, fast and stable, but.... even if I activate USB debug I can not connect my device to the computer. The option " activate USB storage" does not appear in notification bar. How is it possible ? :( I've found this remedy : http://www.android.com/filetransfer/ With this it works... <_<
  3. Hi, now I'm running a nandroid backup done few days ago (before testing b952, CM 9 and CM10) from your Infusion B02 (944) and I have no problems anymore... I had this random reboot of the cell also on my HTC Desire HD (now in repair for microphone broken) with every ICS custom rom. :unsure: I bought my G300 from UK with GB installed and I did a full official update to ICS downloading it from the official Huawei site, before the cell unlock and I had no problem until I had the Infusion 944. With 952 and CM9/10 I had two kinds of problems : 1. With 952 I had random reboots of the cell (as described before) with notification alarm, so I was warned that I had to unlock the sim PIN to reactivate the network. Second, I was not able to see the pics gallery : "no pics or video available" 2. With CM9/10 I was unable to connect my G300 to my MacBook : the computer did not "see" SD and internal storage both... :wacko:
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